Preparing Containers for Bad Weather or Poor Site Conditions

A few helpful tips to consider when prepping your container for the rainy season.

Published In : 12-October-2023

One thing you do not want to worry about is making sure your belongings are dry and secure. All shipping containers provided by Container Tech are guaranteed to be “wind & watertight”. However, there are a few helpful things can you do to ensure that water isn’t affecting your container.

Site Preparation

Containers should always be stored in an area where water pooling up and/or flooding are uncommon. You also want to have a level area available to place the container. If it’s not level, you may consider pouring a gravel pad to level it out. If that’s not an option, the container can be leveled with blocks (addressed below).


Whether you are purchasing or renting a container, it’s not a bad idea to elevate the container slightly off of the ground. This is particularly important if the container is sitting on a grass or dirt surface. The best thing to use are landscape timbers or railroad ties (something pressure treated). You can set these before the container is dropped. In many cases, the driver can assist you in placing the container on your timbers. If that’s not possible, you may need to bring in equipment to lift each end to place your timbers/railroad ties. This will prevent water from pooling around the bottom of the unit.

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