Call Us: Atlanta (678) 829-5901 | Toll Free (877) 670-0229

Call Us: Atlanta (678) 829-5901 | Toll Free (877) 670-0229

Electrical | Lighting

We are able to install lights, outlets and data/phone lines in your container. The wiring can be run in surface mounted conduit or behind the walls. You also have the option of adding exterior lighting, including porch lights, flood lights, etc. We are able to configure the electrical to meet your specs.

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The receptacles we offer are standard 110V (same as in your home). The receptacles come with either two or four outlets (plugs). Depending on your preference, they can be flush mounted or exposed on the surface of the wall paneling. They can be placed anywhere in the container in a configuration of your choosing. We also offer water proof covers for exterior applications.

Overhead Lighting

Interior overhead lights are a popular choice. The lights we most commonly use are 2-bulb florescent fixtures. We usually install two lights in a 20’ container and four lights in a 40’ container. Multiple switches can be installed to control the lights from different locations inside your container. We can configure the lighting to meet your specs.

LED Lights

LED lights are a great option if you are in a remote location or don’t have access to power on-site. The LED lights can be hooked up to a small battery to provide power and illuminate the interior of your container.

Flood Light

Exterior Flood Lights are an excellent option to illuminate the perimeter of your container. The flood lights we offer can be mounted with motion sensors as well.

Porch Lighting

Exterior Porch Lights are an excellent option to illuminate an immediate area near a door or window.

Data & Phone

Data and Phone connections are available upon request. We use cat5 lines and terminate them to an outlet for convenient hook up. We are able run multiple data and phone connections to meet your requirements.

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