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That driver is bad to the bone. He put that container right in that tight spot. I was amazed!


John M – Forest Park, GA

The container was delivered this afternoon with great difficulty for the driver, Vincent Washington. We did not take into consideration how much space was needed for a semi truck pulling a trailer to turn around and back up into the space that we desired to have the container placed. Through perseverance and a lot of back and forth maneuverings with his magic trailer, he was able to successfully drop the container. Vincent kept his cool and was great through the entire process. I cannot express enough how extremely pleased I was with his patience and calm demeanor. The process would have tried the patience of a saint. Please pass along to Vincent’s boss what a wonderful job he did this afternoon.


Kay P – Jefferson, GA

Thank you for the great service throughout the process of getting my container! Delivery was challenging yesterday, but Cricket did an amazing job! The container is in great shape and within a few hours, we were able to use it! I wanted to pass along the info regarding delivery so you know you’ve partnered with an excellent carrier. Thanks again, you provided a great solution for me, and we’re all so excited to see the building evolve!


Jenny H – Columbia, SC

The container arrived and is in position…..looks GREAT! Your driver was very courteous and very good at his job….he placed it exactly where we wanted it even with some cars/vans parked closer than I would have liked….he is good!! If you ever need a reference, just let me know. I am a very happy and satisfied customer.


Randy M – Atlanta, GA

I just wanted to let you good folks at Container Technology know that the recent purchase and delivery of a shipping container couldn’t have been a better experience. Dealing with Xandy and Troy from the beginning was comfortable and professional. Meeting Mike (your driver) on site exceeded my expectations. Areas of the site had to be closed while the delivery and setup of the container was in progress and the inconvenience of patrons might have existed. Mike took approximately fifteen minutes to do what I had imagined to be maybe an hour or so, and there was no inconvenience to anyone. Saying that I was impressed with Mike’s efforts is definitely an understatement. Container Technology is the kind of business that I will do business with again. It is refreshing to have the kind of service that we were provided and the level of professionalism extended as well.


Jim G – Gainesville, GA

Wish all our storage companies were as easy to work with as you are! Heather


C.E. Holt Refrigeration – Charlotte, NC

I was impressed. Troy was excellent and showed us around and we purchased a container. I was very happy to work with someone that professional and knowledgeable.


Maylon W – Carnesville, GA

It was a real pleasure doing business with you and your company. Everything went smooth from beginning to end. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Thank you so much for hand picking a really nice container for me. The delivery driver did an excellent job in placing the container exactly where I wanted it and was a very nice person and a true professional. I would highly recommend you and your company to anyone needing a container. Thanks for being so helpful and professional.


Gayland L – Bryson City, NC

We received the shipping container. David was very pleased with it. Thank you and all of your co-workers we worked with for being so accommodating. We are sorry about the mix up the other day and really appreciate you fixing it so quickly. We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know of!


Tabatha H – Hope Hull, AL

Everything went perfect. Your driver was on time and most accommodating. Container is in good shape.


Mark C – Buford, GA

You all have been great to work with from calling in the order, handling our account to the drop-off and pick up drivers. Please express our appreciation to everyone. We will call on you again.


Rick D – Tyrone, GA

Thanks again for providing a great purchase experience. Mike did a fantastic job with delivery. He called and kept me up to date with his ETA. He placed the container exactly on the paint marks I outlined for placement. You guys are top notch.


Brad T – Ball Ground, GA

I’ve enjoyed this transaction better than any in recent memory, you guys are great! Joe, with Marietta Wrecker, is a great guy too. Hopefully, you’ll send him back up when I order the next one from you in a few weeks. Thanks again, Xandy. I will definitely be a repeat customer of yours.


Darrell B – Blacksburg, SC

Everything went well with the delivery of the container. I have been really impressed with the level of professionalism throughout the entire process and working with you on getting the container! Also, I was very impressed with the delivery driver as well, very good to work with. I don’t have the delivery sheet in front of me so I can’t recall his name, but please be sure to pass along my appreciation to the appropriate folks! Thanks again!


Jason W – Millbrook, AL

Container is delivered on-site and looks great. Thanks for all your help with this. I’ll make sure to reach out to you in the future if I’m in need of another container, which I’m sure I will be!


Sean M – Desmi, Inc., Chesapeake, VA

Thanks, y’all. The container was great– clean, well-oiled, just the right size. And your driver was terrific with this drop-off and pick-up. We really appreciate your help with our storage needs!


Valerie M – Atlanta, GA

Great Job, went very smooth! Thanks for all you do.


Mark L – Atlanta, GA

There are so many horrible and rude business people out there that I deal with on a daily basis, and it has been refreshing to work with your company, as well as the driver that dropped the container. You folks are awesome!


Doug M – Atlanta, GA

Chris, The delivery of the container this morning went very well. Tommy is a skilled driver and knew just what to do.

Randy F – Friends of Red Top Mountain – Acworth, GA

Hey Troy, Just wanted to say thanks for all your help. The containers look great and have arrived safely. Thanks again for everything. It’s been a pleasure working with you. I’ll try to send some business your way.

Jason M – Structured Technologies, Inc. – Madison, GA

First of all we are very happy with the container. But I also want to make sure you all know how pleased we were with the delivery. Tommy brought our container to us. He arrived promptly and was very careful while installing it on our property. I feel Tommy went above and beyond what he was required to do in order to get that huge box where we needed it; and he did so while making sure not to “make a mess”. Even though I had not seen a container installed on a pad before, I know well that using heavy equipment is an art form that requires a considerable amount of skill. Tommy did an excellent job of making sure the box was lined up perfectly on the pad and rested securely on the railroad ties we placed for it. Not only did he do his job well, but he was also very helpful to my husband and his friend as they got the ties into place. While not saturated, the ground was pretty wet when Tommy showed up, but he managed his truck and trailer without disturbing the area around the pad. Amazing! I’ve seen folks make a bigger mess with a trail bike! Once again thank you for helping me to make a choice of container and for making sure I had the details hammered out before it arrived. You’re kind and patient attention is greatly appreciated.

Patty C – Sevierville, TN

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