40ft High Cube Storage Container

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40ft High Cube Storage Container

The 40ft High Cube Storage Container represents a pinnacle of versatility and efficiency in the realm of storage solutions. Engineered to meet the demanding requirements of both industrial and personal storage, these containers offer an unparalleled blend of space, durability, and security. With an extra foot in height compared to standard containers, they provide ample room for a wide array of goods, from bulky equipment to voluminous inventory, ensuring optimal utilization of space.

Ideal for businesses seeking to maximize their storage capabilities or individuals in need of extensive storage options, the 40ft High Cube Storage Container is a testament to innovative design and practicality.

40ft High Cube Storage Container - Structural Composition

The 40ft High Cube Storage Container is a marvel of engineering, crafted from high-grade, corrosion-resistant corten steel that guarantees durability and longevity. Its structure is reinforced with robust corner posts and a rigid frame, capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions while protecting the contents stored within.

The floor is constructed from marine-grade plywood, offering strength and stability suitable for heavy loads. Additionally, the container features a weather-resistant seal around doors, providing an airtight and watertight environment. This meticulous design ensures the container’s resilience against wear, tear, and external elements, making it a reliable choice for long-term storage needs.

Interior Components of the 40ft High Cube Storage Container

Inside the 40ft High Cube Storage Container, the emphasis on maximizing space and functionality is evident. The additional height allows for the stacking of goods without compromising on maneuverability inside the container. It is equipped with tie-down rings and a series of anchor points, facilitating secure transportation and storage of items.

The interior walls are smooth, minimizing the risk of damage during loading and unloading. Ventilation vents are strategically placed to ensure air circulation, preventing condensation and maintaining the quality of stored goods. This thoughtful interior design enhances the container’s usability, making it adaptable to a wide range of storage requirements.

40ft High Cube Storage Container - Ideal Applications

The 40ft High Cube Storage Container finds its applications in a myriad of sectors due to its spaciousness and robustness. It is perfect for the construction industry, serving as a depot for tools, machinery, and materials. Retail businesses benefit from its vast space for warehousing excess inventory.

For the agricultural sector, it offers an ideal solution for storing equipment and supplies. Additionally, its secure and weatherproof nature makes it suitable for archival storage, providing protection for important documents and items. The container’s versatility also extends to temporary spaces like workshops, offices, or pop-up stores, showcasing its adaptability to diverse needs.

40ft High Cube Storage Container - Advantages

Opting for a 40ft High Cube Storage Container brings numerous benefits, including enhanced storage capacity, thanks to its additional height. Its robust construction ensures security and durability, protecting valuables from theft and environmental damage.

The container’s portability allows for easy relocation, offering flexibility in storage solutions. Moreover, its eco-friendly aspect, being reusable and modifiable for various purposes, contributes to sustainability efforts. These advantages make the 40ft High Cube Storage Container an economically and environmentally sound choice for comprehensive storage needs.

Why Choose Container Technology for Your 40ft High Cube Storage Needs

Container Technology stands out as a premier provider of 40ft High Cube Storage Containers, offering unparalleled quality and service. Our containers are meticulously inspected to ensure they meet high standards of durability and functionality. We offer customization services, allowing clients to tailor their storage solutions to specific needs.

Our experienced team provides expert advice, ensuring that you choose the most suitable container for your requirements. With competitive pricing, prompt delivery, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Container Technology is your trusted partner for securing a 40ft High Cube Storage Container that exceeds expectations.


Typical Dimensions - 40' High Cube Storage Container

Exterior Interior Door Opening
Length 40' 39'5" -
Width 8’ 7'9-7/8" 7'8"
Height 9'6" 8'10" 8'5 1/2"

Typical Weights / Capacity - 40' High Cube Storage Container

Cubic Capacity Tare Weight Max Gross Max Payload
2,694 cu. ft. 8,775 67,200 58,425

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