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Call Us: Atlanta (678) 829-5901 | Toll Free (877) 670-0229

Locking Mechanisms

We understand that your container and the contents inside can be very valuable. Standard containers come equipped with locking clasps (2 on each door), leaving your lock exposed. We offer several locking mechanisms that can provide additional security to help keep your items secure.

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Cargo Door Lock

This is a “Heavy Duty Cargo Door Lock” (manufactured by The Equipment Lock Company™). It is 2-piece lock that clamps over the inner locking rods. It is comprised of heavy duty steel tubing. The actual locking mechanism is contained inside the lock itself. Each lock is keyed differently and you have the unique keys for your lock.

Security Swing Arm

Our “Security Swing Arm” is used in conjunction with a personnel door. It’s a mechanism that we fabricate right in our shop. It is comprised of 1” x 2” steel tubing and is shaped like a “Y”. The mechanism is hinged on one end and swings over your door. There is an arm that extends across your door with our “Lock Box” on the end. You can place a pad lock inside the box that is not visible and cannot be tampered with using bolt cutters. It’s a must have for those that have personnel doors installed on their container.

Lock Box

Our “Lock Box” is fabricated right in our shop. It’s the most cost effective and popular option for our customers. It’s a simple box that is welded directly to the container doors. It allows you to place a padlock inside the box. The padlock is not visible and is protected against being removed with bolt cutters. It’s a great way to add security and keep your items safe.

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