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Frequently Asked Questions

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We guarantee your container to be delivered in wind & watertight condition.

While the container itself is wind & watertight, the roll up door does not create the same type of seal as the standard cargo doors of a shipping container. Due to the construction of the roll up door, you may notice a bit of condensation on the ceiling during times when the temperatures are cool at night and then warmer during the day.

It’s always best to place your container on a level, hard-packed surface (like concrete or asphalt). However, no surface prep is required. The container can sit directly on the ground. The only parts of the container that will come in contact with the ground are the corners. There will be approximately a 5” to 6” gap between the ground and the underside of the container.

We recommend that you select as level a spot as possible for the container. The doors can be difficult to open and close if the container is not level.

Yes. The driver carries small pieces of 1” x 2” pressure treated wood and a jack. He will check the doors before leaving and is able to shim up a corner if necessary.

If the area is extremely unleveled, the driver may not have the ability level the container completely. Additional leveling may be required over time as you load the container with your items.

Yes. Many of our customers choose to elevate the container slightly by placing railroad ties/landscape timbers under each corner or on each end. Our drivers are able to assist you in doing so.

We do not provide the railroad ties/landscape timbers.

Our 20ft containers are delivered on a small roll back truck. Containers over 40ft in length are delivered on our tilt bed trailer. The driver will set one end of the container on the ground and pull out from underneath the container. The container, truck and trailer will be in one long line as he does so. He’ll need approximately 50-60ft of a straight drive to deliver a 20’ container. He’ll need approximately 80-100ft of a straight drive to deliver a 40ft container. He’ll need approximately 100-125ft of a straight drive to deliver a 48ft or 53ft container.

The driver will need at least 14ft of overhead clearance for delivery. Any overhanging power lines, tree limbs, branches or anything below 14ft are in danger of being damaged.

We are usually able to deliver your container within 5 business days from the time you place your order. In some cases we are able to deliver your container the next day. Much of when we deliver your container will depend on the trucking schedule at the time the order is placed.

Yes. We offer a pad locks with two keys. We also offer a heavy duty cargo door locks with two keys. The locks are available for purhcase upon request.

The containers are comprised of 14-gauge corrugated steel panels throughout. They have 1-1/8” thick marine plywood or bamboo flooring on the interior.

We accept company checks, cashier’s checks, money orders and most major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover).

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