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The floor of a shipping container is typically comprised of 1-1/8” thick marine plywood. In its original condition, the wood floor is suitable for most aftermarket applications. However, some aftermarket uses call for the floor to be customized. If your project calls for a custom floor, we’ve got you covered. We can install a steel overlay, vinyl flooring, or rhino liner, or remove the floor completely.

Steel Overlay

Installing steel sheet over the top of the existing wood floor is one of our more popular floor modifications. We typically utilize 1/8” or 1/4″ steel sheets. However, the thickness of the sheet all depends on the application. The sheets are continuously welded at the edges and the seams.


Vinyl Floor Covering

The vinyl floor is a solid sheet that is rolled out and glued directly to the container floor. The material is oil-resistant. It is available in varying colors, thicknesses and textures. If you are looking for a durable easy-to-clean floor covering, this is a great option.

Commercial Carpet Tile

Commercial carpet tiles are a cost-effective option when considering a floor covering or overlay. The 18” x 18” tiles are individually glued down and create a clean, sleek look for any mobile office container. They are soft to the touch and are made of 100% recycled polyester. Additional colors are available, allowing you to customize your space to reflect your personality and unique style.

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