20ft Mobile Office

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20ft Mobile Office

Our 20ft Mobile Offices are perfect for any job site. They are easy to maneuver into place and will only take up one standard parking space. Because they are transported and delivered on a small roll-back truck, they are easily relocated. You can take it with you from one job to the next. They are secure and offer protection from the elements for your important documents as well as computer or electronic equipment. We can customize a unit to fit your needs!



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40ft Mobile Office

Our 40ft Mobile Offices are a great choice if you need a large enclosed space on-site. You can set up multiple work stations for your staff in the field.

40ft Mobile Office Storage Combo

Our 40ft Office/Storage Combo is the most versatile of our Mobile Office Units. This unit is divided into two separate spaces. A portion is finished and temperature controlled and can be utilized as an office.

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