53ft High Cube Storage Container

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53ft High Cube Storage Container

The 53′ high cube storage container stands as a cornerstone of global trade and versatile storage solutions. Built to withstand the rigors of transportation while offering ample space for a wide array of goods, these containers boast several features and specifications that make them indispensable assets across various industries. Discover how Container Tech can provide you with high-quality 53’ high cube storage containers in Atlanta. 

53' High Cube Storage Containers for Sale in Atlanta

Wondering what makes 53’ high cube containers the ideal choice for your storage needs? Unlike standard containers, the high cube variant provides additional vertical space, with an extra foot in height. This feature enables more efficient utilization of the container’s volume, accommodating taller items or allowing for multi-level storage solutions. Our 53’ high cube containers have an exterior width of 8’6” and an exterior height of 9’6”. These containers offer a size that can accommodate a wide variety of needs easily, offering a spacious, sturdy area for your items. 

Crafted from 14-gauge corrugated steel panels, these containers offer exceptional durability. They ensure protection against harsh weather conditions and rough handling during transportation. This robust construction enhances the container’s longevity, making it suitable for long-term storage applications. Plus, equipped with sturdy, lockable double doors at one end, the container features a secure locking mechanism to safeguard valuable cargo against theft and unauthorized access. 

When it comes to mods and customization, the possibilities are endless for the 53’ high cube storage container. Container Tech offers an array of available mods, including windows and skylights, flooring, HVAC, insulation, electrical and lighting, shelving, and more. No matter what you aim to accomplish with your high cube container, we can help you achieve customized results that work for you. 

Common Uses for 53ft High Cube Storage Containers

  1. Shipping and Transportation: As their primary function, 53ft high cube storage containers excel at transporting goods across long distances via trucks, trains, and ships. Their standardized dimensions ensure compatibility with various transportation systems, facilitating efficient logistics operations. 
  2. Retail Space: With creative modifications, these containers can be transformed into trendy retail spaces, offering a unique and eye-catching environment for businesses. From pop-up shops at festivals to permanent storefronts in urban areas, these containers provide an affordable and customizable solution for retail entrepreneurs. 
  3. Farm and Agriculture: In agricultural settings, 53′ high cube containers find utility as storage units for farming equipment, tools, and harvested produce. Additionally, they can be repurposed into climate-controlled environments for hydroponic farming or as mobile market stalls for selling fresh produce directly to consumers. 
  4. Events and Galleries: Containers serve as versatile venues for events and exhibitions, such as art galleries, music festivals, or trade shows. Their rugged construction and ample space make them suitable for hosting diverse activities, from showcasing artwork to providing sheltered stages for performances. 


Typical Dimensions - 53' High Cube Storage Container

Exterior Interior Door Opening
Length 53' 52'5" -
Width 8’6" 8'2" 8'2"
Height 9'6" 8’11” 8’10”

Typical Weights / Capacity - 53' High Cube Storage Container

Cubic Capacity Tare Weight Max Gross Max Payload
3857 cu. ft. 11,110 67,200 56,090

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