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Science in a Box: Shipping Container Labs

By February 9th, 2017 Creative Uses 2 Comments

Science in a Box: Shipping Container Labs

Photo Courtesy of: GermFree

Mobile Container Laboratories:

Germfree Labs are leading the pack in their complete mobile laboratories. Already famous and internationally known for their medical and biological equipment, these mobile units are one of the most high-tech medical and biological labs around. Germfree is globally recognized and their concept is quickly picking up steam. Technology shells are one of the fastest growing uses of recycled shipping containers. This means that recycled shipping containers are widely being used to “house” technology equipment. The versatility and durability of the shipping container are to thank for this growing and popular trend. They are easily moveable and can be shipped by air, sea, or a truck. These medical and biological labs are used at high-profile events such as the Olympics and G8 international meetings. Everything in the mobile labs is state-of-the-art equipment, the best of the best, including digital surveillance and communication. Germfree has created an inspiring concept and innovative design that holds the key to the future of medical and biological labs. DropBox Inc. created a portable chem lab, that allows lab technicians to have the ability to perform their work duties and quality protocols in a remote area. These portable chemical labs are site ready, for connection to power, water, and sewer, and almost instantaneously ready for operation. These mobile solutions are perfect for permanent and temporary use. Shipping containers are the perfect solution for chemistry and research, they can easily be shipped, they come in multiple sizes, and are durable when it comes to unpredictable weather conditions.


Photo Courtesy of: GermFree

These mobile labs are built to meet a variety of applications in the biotech, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, military, and aerospace industries. These shipping containers are modified, including their own mechanical system for basic comfort cooling or for precise temperature and humidity control, emergency power, lighting, water, ancillary support systems and a filtration system to meet the specified cleanliness levels. Shipping containers offer high durability, are waterproof, and can handle extreme outdoor conditions. The versatility of shipping container designs allows  for easy transportation and installation almost anywhere. The environments inside the lab are controlled, protecting the lab technicians inside from external conditions. Not to mention, shipping containers are a cost-effective and timely solution that offer high quality and user-friendly labs in developing parts of the world. Improving healthcare services around the developing world is going to require state-of-the-art labs. Being able to convert shipping containers into fully-functioning labs provides a fast, durable, and a highly affordable solution.

Reason to have a mobile lab:

  • Cost Effective
  • Mobile
  • Durable
  • Energy Efficient 

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  1. October 5th, 2017

    Have you examples of containers used for retail and farm storage?
    We are planning an urban farm and store for a homeless garden project called Flowers and Honey in ABQ NM

  2. Ray
    October 9th, 2017

    Hello Rafa, Thanks for finding us. We don’t have much experience in this area. Most of the information we’ve posted for this application has been for informational purposes. Here is a company that may be able to help you - I hope this info is helpful. Thanks, Ray

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