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Outdoor Solutions: Hunting Camp Storage

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Having a secure place to keep all of your hunting equipment is a must for all hunters.  A storage container offers durability and security that you would not get from other types of storage methods. A storage container will not only protect your gear from the elements but intruders as well. The portability is also an excellent advantage to using a storage container.  They can be delivered directly to the site of your choosing and placed on the ground (with minimal to no set up required).  You can also move the container to a new location or remove it seasonally.

A cargo container will allow you to store all of your seasonal hunting gear in one place!  Cargo containers are an excellent alternative for storage as opposed to your garage or basement. We can also add a lock box on the doors of the container for added security.  A shipping container will help give you peace of mind…knowing your valuable hunting gear is safe and secure!

A shipping container can also be modified and utilized as a bunk house.  Who says you need to be sleeping out in the open just because you’re hunting. We can insulate the container and add bunk beds inside to provide a sleeping area.  A modified shipping container converted into a bunk house is a great way to protect you from the elements!

There are endless possibilities when it comes to the uses for a shipping container.  We offer different sizes which are: 10’ storage containers, 20’ storage containers, or 40’ storage containers and even larger. The 40’ and larger containers are also available in the high cube variety.  High cube containers are 1’ taller than standard height storage containers.  Any of these can be modified to fit your unique requirements.

Container Technology is the leading provider of dry storage containers and modified storage containers throughout the Southeast.  Call Container Technology today or complete an online quote request.

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