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Container Technology proudly serves the Sandy Springs area, offering a comprehensive range of containers for sale, customized storage solutions, and specialized shipping containers. We cater to both individual and commercial needs, ensuring that every client finds the perfect container for their specific requirements. Our services include Containers for Sale, Shipping Containers for Sale, Custom Sized Containers, Refrigerated Containers, Double Door Containers, Open Top / Flat Rack Containers, and 20ft and 40ft Mobile Office Containers. 

Explore Our Container Services in Sandy Springs 

  1. Containers for Sale: Our containers are versatile and robust, designed to cater to diverse storage needs for both residents and businesses in Sandy Springs. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, from compact 10-foot units to large 40-foot containers. Each container is constructed with high-grade steel and engineered for durability, ensuring it can withstand various environmental conditions without compromising the security of the contents inside. This makes them ideal for storing everything from household items during renovation to equipment and supplies for businesses.
  2. Shipping Containers for Sale: Our shipping containers are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of both domestic and international transportation. Built from corrosion resistant Corten steel, they can endure the stresses of loading, unloading, and long-haul shipping. These containers are equipped with standard lock boxes, providing an added layer of security. With a variety of dimensions and capabilities, they can transport a wide range of goods, from consumer products to industrial materials, ensuring that everything arrives at its destination safely and intact.
  3. Custom-Sized Containers: Recognizing that standard container sizes may not meet everyone’s needs, we provide customs sizing services to modify containers according to specific dimensions required by our clients. This service includes altering the height, width, and length of containers, as well as adding or removing internal partitions, shelving, or doors according to customer specifications. This customization allows for the optimal use of space and enhanced functionality, making them perfect for unique project needs or restricted spaces.
  4. Refrigerated Containers: Our refrigerated containers, often called reefer containers, are essential for businesses that need to store or transport perishable goods under temperature-controlled conditions. These containers are equipped with integrated refrigeration units that can maintain temperatures ranging from -20°F to 70°F, making them suitable for a wide array of products, including food items, pharmaceuticals, and chemical substances. The insulation and power efficiency of our units ensures that temperature is maintained consistently, preventing spoilage and ensuring compliance with health and safety standards.
  5. Double Door Containers: Double door containers feature doors at both ends of the container, providing much easier access to stored items. This design greatly enhances the efficiency of loading and unloading goods and provides the ability to quickly reach items stored at either end without having to unload everything else. These containers are particularly useful for long-term storage of goods that require regular access, making them an excellent choice for businesses managing inventory or equipment.
  6. Open Top / Flat Rack Containers: Open top containers are ideal for cargoes that need to be loaded from the top or are too tall for standard containers. They come with a removable roof or no roof at all, allowing for easy access with cranes and other overhead loading equipment. Flat rack containers, on the other hand, are designed for heavy or bulky items that exceed typical size limits, such as machinery or large vehicles. They have collapsible sides that can be flattened to form a flatbed, facilitating the loading of oversized items from the sides.
  7. 20ft and 40ft Mobile Office Containers: Our mobile office containers provide a turnkey solution for businesses that require temporary or permanent office space. These containers are converted into comfortable, functional office environments, complete with insulation, windows, doors, and necessary electrical and plumbing installations. Available in 20ft and 40ft sizes, they can be customized with interior layouts that include office desks, filing cabinets, restrooms, and even break areas. This flexibility makes them ideal for construction sites, event management, or any business operation that needs a mobile, cost-effective office setup.

Why Choose Container Technology in Sandy Springs? 

  • Local Expertise: Located in Sandy Springs, we are deeply familiar with the local market and community needs, allowing us to provide personalized and efficient service. 
  • Quality Assurance: All our containers are thoroughly inspected to ensure they meet high-quality standards. Our commitment to durability and security means you can trust our containers to keep your belongings safe. 
  • Flexible Solutions: We offer both short-term and long-term solutions tailored to your budget and needs, with competitive pricing and flexible lease terms. 
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our priority is your satisfaction. From the first inquiry to the final delivery, our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure a seamless and satisfactory customer experience. 

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