Rick Nuckols Receives Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Portable Storage Association

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Rick Nuckols, the Owner/President of Container Technology, recently accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Portable Storage Association (NPSA). Rick is proud to have received this massive honor and will continue to remain committed to providing quality storage solutions in Atlanta and the surrounding regions.  

About the NPSA

The National Portable Storage Association (NPSA) is an organization created with the mission of advancing the portable storage industry through networking, marketing, and advocacy. The organization devotes itself to uplifting and connecting companies in the portable storage field.  

Their member network includes those providing portable storage containers, trailers, mobile offices, storage trailers, and more for both sale and rent. The NPSA fosters relationships amongst these organizations and connects businesses and individuals in search of storage solutions with reliable providers to help elevate their businesses.  

2024 Lifetime Achievement Award

Rick’s career spans decades, beginning in the 1970’s with his family’s container storage and repair business in Norfolk, VA. Rick’s innovative practices and solutions have significantly advanced the portable storage sector. From introducing environmentally friendly practices within the container yard to pioneering new delivery methods for larger containers, his impact on the industry is profound and lasting.  

Rick’s leadership qualities and mentorship have inspired countless individuals throughout his career. His ability to hire and nurture talent has not only fueled the growth of his own company but has also contributed to the professional development and success of many others.  His willingness to embrace change as an opportunity, with a focus on scalability, has ensured the long-term success of his ventures, and his keen strategic vision has had a major impact on what the NPSA has become today. 

Rick shares his sentiments regarding this amazing honor, saying, “This award is a testament to our decades in the industry and our quality customer experience throughout this time, as well as our commitment to upholding the core values of the NPSA and our support to our fellow members of the association. This award gives further validation for our efforts and commitment to excellence in everything we do.”  

The Container Technology Mission

The Lifetime Achievement Award is a token of the NPSA’s recognition of Container Technology’s continued pursuit of excellence in the portable storage field, and our commitment to quality products, customer satisfaction, and our mission of sharing knowledge and experience to contribute to our customer’s success. Having been in business since 1988 and with a team with over 100 years of combined experience, Container Technology leverages our expertise to truly go above and beyond to create the ideal storage experience for every client we work with.  

Excellence is always the goal of Container Technology, and we will do everything we can to match our clients with the right containers for their business’ needs and create a seamless, straightforward storage experience for everyone we work with. We seek to be not just a provider of top storage solutions in Atlanta, but a resource for our clients.  

About Container Technology

Container Technology is the top portable storage provider in the region and supplies the best new or used portable storage containers for sale in Atlanta. Founded in 1988, we’re proud to continually provide unparalleled storage solutions for all organizations across any industry and have fostered a glowing reputation for excellence.  

We offer a wide range of storage solutions, from portable storage containers to refrigerated storage, mobile offices, custom containers, and more. Our next-level customer service, experience, and attention to detail sets us apart from the rest, and we’ll do everything in our power to create the best storage process for your business.  

Read our amazing reviews from past clients and learn more about what we can do for you today. Give us a call at 866-955-3891 or contact us now! 

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