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In the market for high-quality, reliable storage containers for sale in Stonecrest, GA? Container Technology is your trusted storage supplier for all commercial and industrial needs. Having served the area and surrounding regions since 1988, we’ve offered an ever-evolving inventory of top-quality new and used storage containers ranging from standard to high cube, custom, and cold storage options.  

 Our comprehensive Stonecrest storage solutions make it easy to find the right container options for your business, regardless of your needs or requirements. With quality containers and an amazing team of supportive customer service professionals, choosing Container Technology allows you to unlock the best storage experience possible from start to finish.  


Portable Storage Containers for Sale in Stonecrest, GA 

Container Technology offers a wide range of different portable storage containers to fit our clients’ varied needs. We understand how important it is to find the right containers for your industry and applications and seek to support you throughout your entire process. Our offerings below include but are not limited to:  

  • 10ft Storage Containers: Our 10ft storage containers are ideal for smaller storage needs. These compact containers provide a reliable, durable solution for personal or commercial use.  
  • 20ft Storage Containers: As one of the most popular storage container sizes, 20ft portable storage containers provide a versatile option for a wide range of storage needs. These spacious containers are ideal for construction, retail, agriculture, or residential storage for home renovations and more.  
  • 40ft Storage Containers: 40ft storage containers are durable, weather resistant, and convenient for those in need of larger storage solutions. These spacious containers offer security, durability, and easy storage for commercial use.  
  • 40ft, 45ft, & 53ft High Cube Containers: The same length as our standard options yet offering an additional foot of height, high cube containers are ideal for those looking for storage options for oversized or bulky items.  
  • Cold Storage: Our cold and refrigerated storage options make storing temperature-sensitive items simple. These containers offer a controlled environment for perishable goods like foods, pharmaceuticals or medical items, and more.  
  • Custom Container Options: We offer many options for custom modifications and alterations to our containers of any size. From installing HVAC/venting, windows or skylights, flooring, insulation, electrical/lighting, paint, additional locking mechanisms, or shelving, we can do it all.  
  • Open Side Containers: Open-sided containers open along the side for easy access and loading of irregular, oversized loads for maximum convenience.  
  • Double-Door Containers: Double-door containers have doors on both ends instead of just one, as standard containers have. These containers can be easily accessed for convenience, safety, and organization.  
  • Open-top/Flat Rack Containers: These containers are designed for oversized cargo, such as heavy machinery or construction materials. Their flexibility allows for maximum accessibility and convenience.  


Most Common Commercial Uses of Portable Storage Containers 

Portable storage containers are popular throughout many industries due to their dependability, durability, and versatility. The following are some of the top uses of portable storage in top industries: 

  • Construction & Project Management: Portable storage is often used to store equipment, tools, vehicles and more on-site to keep projects running smoothly and assets accessible to employees. Containers are also frequently used to store raw materials and supplies and can also be easily converted into offices for project managers or breakrooms for staff on-site.  
  • Manufacturing & Industrial: Containers are most frequently used in manufacturing or industrial settings to store raw materials and finished products prior to shipment, as workspaces for on-site repairs, and for other purposes.  
  • Agriculture: Containers are highly useful in agricultural applications such as the storing of farming equipment, vehicles, and raw materials. They’re also frequently used to store animal feed and farming supplies.  
  • Commercial & Retail: From office storage for extra furniture or inventory overflow at retail establishments, portable storage containers serve a variety of uses. They’re also often used for mobile offices or portable storage, or pop-ups at events or festivals.  
  • Medical & Emergency Response: Portable storage containers are an asset for medical and emergency response use. They can be easily converted and set up for mobile clinics, to house emergency response equipment or supplies, and for medical storage of vaccines and more.  


Why Choose Container Technology, for Your Stonecrest Portable Storage Needs? 

Choosing the right storage supplier in Stonecrest, GA, is crucial to find quality containers that will fit your business’ needs. When researching providers in the area, you might wonder what sets Container Technology apart from the rest. Consider the following benefits of choosing us when looking for Stonecrest portable storage:  

  • Wide Inventory of New & Used Containers: Container Technology offers a wide range of containers, both new and used. Our containers’ varied sizes, applications, and specifications make it easy to find the right one for your business or project.  
  • Experience: In business since 1988, Container Technology is well-versed in all things portable storage. We’re proud to have a reputation for being a reliable supplier of portable storage and portable shipping containers in Stonecrest and do everything we can to ensure a smooth storage experience for you and your business.  
  • Supportive Team: With over 100 years of combined experience in the storage industry, our team’s knowledge and experience is unmatched. We’re here to support and guide you throughout your storage journey, whether you need assistance in choosing the right container(s), need help in working within your budget, or want to learn more about custom options.  
  • Testimonials: Throughout our many years in business, we’re proud to have provided countless containers and storage solutions to clients of all types. Our positive reviews and testimonials from our past clients reflect this, which we proudly showcase as a testament to our commitment to our client’s satisfaction.  
  • Top Customer Service: Our experienced team offers only the best customer service experience for all clients, regardless of their storage needs. We always go above and beyond to provide you with the right solutions that work for you and your needs.  


Contact Us Today! 

Ready to start your storage journey? Contact Container Technology today to learn more about our new and used container options and more. As the top Stonecrest portable storage provider, there’s nothing we won’t do to ensure you have a seamless storage experience.  

 Whether looking for new or used portable storage containers for sale in Stonecrest or in need of refrigerated storage, custom storage, and more, we’ve got your back. Give us a call at 866-738-7451 to learn more or request a free quote now 

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