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Researching and shopping around for the right portable storage containers for sale in Kennesaw, GA is no easy task, especially if your business requires a variety of containers or custom options. However, Container Technology makes it easy to find the right storage solutions in Kennesaw, no matter what your organization’s storage needs are.

Container Technology is the top supplier of storage and shipping containers for all industrial and commercial applications across the Kennesaw area. Whether you’re an independent business owner, a contractor, a construction manager, a farmer, or a medical professional, we have the containers to fit any need you might have. We offer tons of container options, from 10’ standard containers to 53’ high cube containers or custom options. Our reliable containers are made from only the most high-quality materials to ensure their security and durability.


Uses of Portable Storage Containers

Portable storage containers are highly versatile, affordable, and customizable, making them applicable to all industries and operations. Whether you’re looking to organize your project site, need storage solutions for your office, or expand your business, our portable shipping containers make it easy.

The following are just some of the most popular uses of portable storage containers:

Construction & Project Management Storage

  • Equipment: Conveniently store equipment, tools, and some vehicles on-site while keeping them secure and accessible to employees. Portable storage containers on-site keep assets organized yet secure during the duration of your project.
  • Materials: Store raw materials, building materials, supplies, and even potentially hazardous materials safely.
  • Office Space & Breakrooms: During your project, provide project managers and employees with mobile workspaces, breakrooms, and more.

Manufacturing & Industrial Storage

  • Raw Materials: Store materials safely while keeping them accessible and on-site for employees.
  • Finished Product: Store finished product while retaining its integrity before distribution.
  • Workspaces: Portable storage containers are easily converted and customized to create workspaces for on-site repairs, assembly work, and more.


  • Farming Equipment: House equipment, tools, and even vehicles like tractors, plows and more thanks to portable storage containers’ wide array of sizes.
  • Animal Feed: Keep animal feed secure and shielded from the elements or pests with our weathertight, airtight containers.
  • Supplies: With the right portable storage container, you can store farming supplies securely, conveniently, and on-site.

Commercial & Retail Storage

  • Office Equipment & Overflow: Store excess office furniture, equipment, documents, and more to keep your office organized and space free.
  • Mobile Offices: Portable storage containers can be easily converted into mobile offices, classrooms, and more without requiring construction, physically expanding a building, or moving.
  • Event Storage: Storage containers can easily be used for small pop-ups, large events like festivals, and more as pop-up shops, and more. They can also be easily used to store equipment, decor, supplies, and more.
  • Retail Storefront Storage: If your business needs more space for online orders, inventory overflow, or additional offices or breakrooms, portable storage containers make it easy.

Medical Use & Emergency Response

  • Mobile Clinics: Set up mobile clinics for vaccines or testing while enjoying a functional space.
  • Emergency Response: Store emergency response supplies or equipment and use containers for quick deployment to areas impacted by natural disasters and more.
  • Medical Storage: Store vaccines, medical supplies, and more with climate-controlled portable storage containers, or store equipment or furniture with standard options.


Benefits of Portable Storage Containers

Portable storage containers are one of the most versatile, affordable, and convenient ways to organize your business or job site. Whether looking for storage for tools, vehicles, inventory or raw materials or looking for options for mobile offices, shipping containers make it easy to find the right solutions for you.

Portable storage containers are constructed from high-grade steel and are made with durability and reliability in mind. These containers make it easy to keep your site organized, store inventory overflow, or convert it into classrooms, offices, and more.

The following are some of the top benefits of using portable storage containers at your business:

  • Security: One of the biggest features of portable storage containers is their security. All portable storage containers are equipped with secure, locking doors and are weathertight and airtight to protect contents from the elements or potential theft or vandalism. Their fortified steel structure protects contents, and additional option security features and extra locks add an extra layer of safety.
  • Convenience: Having your materials, tools, and equipment stored and organized on-site allows employees to easily access anything they need, which in turn increases productivity.
  • Affordability: Whether buying a new or used portable storage container, you have tons of affordable options at your fingertips to serve any need you might have. These containers are high-quality and cost-effective, which allows you to unlock the best storage solutions in Kennesaw without going over budget.
  • Organization: Being able to organize your site and free up space in your office while keeping your contents on-site is the most glaring benefit of using portable storage containers. Whether storing extra materials, inventory overflow, machinery, raw materials, and more, portable storage containers make it easy.
  • Versatility: Portable storage containers can serve almost any need or application across any industry. Additionally, their on-site convenience lets you continue to have access to whatever contents you’re storing without having to go to another location.


New & Used Portable Storage Containers for Sale in Kennesaw, GA

Container Technology offers a variety of cost-effective storage options for business in and around Kennesaw, GA. We offer both brand-new containers in top condition and more affordable, used containers that are thoroughly inspected to ensure their quality and durability.


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