Portable Storage Container Sizes: Which is Right for Your Business?

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Portable storage containers offer the ideal solution for many business needs, serving a wide range of purposes across countless industries.  

Because such a broad spectrum of businesses utilize storage containers for their business objectives, there are many models and sizes to choose from, allowing you to unlock solutions specifically tailored to your goals. But how can you ensure you choose the right one? If you want to invest in storage containers for your business but aren’t sure which specifications will work best for your needs, keep reading for our complete guide!  


How to Choose the Right Size Portable Storage Container for Your Business 

With the various applications and sizes of portable storage containers to choose from, it can be challenging to know where to start when choosing the right one for your business. When researching containers, consider what use they will serve, the scale of your operations and needs, and the budget to choose the right one(s) for you.  


10-Foot Storage Containers 

10-foot storage containers are the smallest model, and their compact build makes them ideal for businesses with limited space. The measurements for these containers are approximately 10 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8.5 feet high. Their most prominent advantages include ease of transportation and relocation, fitting in tight spaces where larger containers cannot, and being a cost-effective solution for businesses needing minimal storage. 

As with any standard storage container, these units offer a secure and weather-resistant solution for storing equipment, tools, and inventory. They offer excellent space for retail businesses aiming to store seasonal inventory, excess stock, and promotional materials, as these items typically only need small solutions. 

 In the construction industry, 10-foot containers are often used for storing tools, small machinery, and materials on smaller job sites that cannot accommodate a large container. Additionally, due to their portability and ease of access, these containers are highly beneficial for events and exhibitions, as they can hold event equipment, promotional items, and displays.  


20-Foot Storage Containers 

The next size increase is the 20-foot storage container, which is the standard size in the shipping industry, offering a good balance between size and portability. These containers, measuring approximately 20 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8.5 feet high, provide about 1,170 cubic feet of storage space. The advantages of 20-foot storage containers include their widespread availability, ease of transportation by truck, rail, or ship, and their suitability for both storage and transportation purposes. 

 Due to their standardized size, containers are commonly used in logistics and shipping, allowing companies to transport goods internationally. The 20-foot model is also ideal for storing raw materials, finished products, and machinery in the manufacturing sector. In agriculture, these containers are used to store farm equipment, animal feed, and harvested crops.  


40-Foot Storage Containers 

40-foot storage containers are double the length of 20-foot containers, offering significantly more storage space without a proportional increase in cost—a desirable option financially for businesses who want the most bang for their buck. These containers measure approximately 40 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8.5 feet high, providing about 2,385 cubic feet of storage space. The main advantages of 40-foot storage containers are their large storage capacity, economical nature for bulk storage solutions, and standardized size for international shipping. 

This container size is optimal for businesses that need significant storage capacity. In wholesale and distribution, they are ideal for bulk storage of goods, empowering these companies to complete large-scale operations. In the manufacturing and industrial sectors, they are perfect for storing large equipment, extensive inventories, and oversized items. These containers are also used in disaster relief efforts to store and transport large quantities of emergency supplies, medical equipment, and food.  


High-Cube Storage Containers 

In addition to differentiations in length, other specification options provide unique solutions for different businesses. High-cube storage containers are similar to standard containers but offer an extra foot of height, measuring 40, 45, or 53ft feet long, 8 feet wide, and 9.5 feet high. This increased vertical space makes them ideal for storing tall items or maximizing storage efficiency through shelving. The extra height adds significant storage volume and is ideal for items requiring more vertical space while still being transportable using standard shipping methods. 

Across several industries, high-cube containers can offer valuable benefits. In warehousing, they are the perfect container for storing taller items or stacking pallets higher, allowing for more storage space. In construction, high-cube containers can hold scaffolding, large tools, and building materials. In film and theater production, these containers are used to store large set pieces, props, and equipment.  


Open-Side Storage Containers 

Differences in containers’ doors are also an effective way to cater to distinct business goals. One prominent option is open-side storage containers, which feature doors that open on one or both sides, providing easier access to stored items. These containers are commonly available in 20-foot and 40-foot lengths and have similar width and height to standard containers. They are especially useful for businesses that need to load and unload goods frequently or store-wide items. The enhanced accessibility with side doors facilitates easy loading and unloading, making them versatile for various storage needs. 

In retail and merchandising, open-side containers are perfect for mobile stores or pop-up shops. They allow easy access to display merchandise and increase the visibility of the products on sale. In the manufacturing industry, they are useful for accessing materials and equipment without unloading the entire container. In agriculture, open-side containers are commonly utilized for storing and accessing large equipment or bulky items like hay bales.  

 If you need additional guidance on choosing the right size of storage container for your business, you can always contact Container Technology’s team of supportive, friendly customer service professionals at 866-953-8124 to ask questions or receive support along your storage journey. We offer a wide range of containers even outside of the ones highlighted here, as well as customized options to fit the needs of your business.  


 Choose the Right Container for Your Business 

With so many sizes and varieties of storage containers available for rent or purchase, your business can conveniently access the endless benefits of incorporating a storage unit into your operations. Whether you have to store oversized items, limited seasonal inventory, or anything in between, you can find the ideal container to suit your needs by understanding the benefits of each model. 

 Looking for a reliable portable storage container company to assist your business? Rely on Container Technology, Atlanta’s leading storage and shipping container provider since 1988. At Container Technology, we offer only the highest quality portable storage units to deliver trusted results to our customers.  

 With our comprehensive array of containers for sale and our team’s combined over 100 years of experience, you can always expect the best from us. We are even able to add modifications to whichever container you choose, further optimizing the container to meet your needs. Request a free quote online or call us today to find out more about our rates! 

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