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Whether you’re a business owner, contractor, manufacturer, or industrial professional, having portable storage containers at your disposal allows for impeccable organization, storage, and more.  

As a reliable portable storage provider in Brookhaven, GA, Container Technology, supplies top new and used portable storage containers for sale that can serve any industry or application. Our containers are built with long-lasting, durable materials that ensure their quality and reliability for years and offer a wide range of sizes and customization options to fit your business’ every need. Learn more about our containers and their uses below.   


Why Use Portable Storage Containers?

If you’re not sure whether or not portable storage containers will meet the needs of your business or project, consider the following ways that these containers can enhance the productivity and organization of your operation:  

  • Security: Portable storage containers are known for their unparalleled security, with fortified steel construction and lockable doors that keep contents safe from possible damage, theft, and even inclement weather conditions. These weatherproof, airtight, and watertight containers will keep items safe under any circumstance.  
  • Organization: Whether purchasing containers for a project site, a retail business, or more, these containers are an asset. From storing raw materials to equipment, these containers allow you to keep meticulous track of all inventory and assets while keeping them at your fingertips. This not only enhances the organization of your site but also promotes productivity.  
  • Affordability: These containers offer a cost-effective solution for those within any budget. Whether buying new or used, portable storage containers’ affordability makes them an asset within reach for those in any industry.  
  • Durability: Portable storage containers are built to last, with high-grade steel construction. They will last for years to come, regardless of conditions, climate, or wear and tear.  
  • Customization: One of the biggest draws of portable storage containers is their easy customization. At Container Technology, we offer a wide variety of customization options, including HVAC/venting, lighting, windows, and more.  
  • Convenience: Portable storage containers can be easily placed anywhere on your job site, business lot, or anywhere with enough space! This convenience allows you to have on-site storage and organization at your fingertips, no matter where you are.  


Top Applications of Portable Storage Containers 

One of the biggest draws of portable storage containers is their versatility, which allows them to serve a wide array of needs across many industries. Some of the top uses of portable storage containers include:  

  • Construction: No matter what size container you’re using, these containers can be used for equipment and tool storage, storage of raw or hazardous materials, as well as use as temporary mobile office spaces or break rooms.  
  • Commercial & Retail: Portable storage containers can help retail business owners manage inventory, online orders, and seasonal stock flow. Containers can also be used for event storage and retail pop-ups at festivals and other events.  
  • Offices: Store office furniture, equipment, and even documents easily and safely during renovations, relocations, and even for long-term use on-site.  
  • Manufacturing & Industrial: Shield raw materials from the elements, store finished products prior to distribution, or convert containers for workspaces or workshops on-site. 
  • Agriculture: Portable storage containers are an asset for those in agriculture. They can store equipment, tools, machinery, and even vehicles. Additionally, containers can be easily used to store harvested crops, raw materials, animal feed, and more.  
  • Municipal & Medical: Containers are a go-to asset for emergency response and medical use, whether for mobile clinics and offices, for storing emergency supplies or medical equipment, and even for disaster relief and military storage.   

Across industries, portable storage containers are a durable, cost-effective solution for any application. Whether looking for new or used portable storage containers for sale, these containers offer easy, convenient ways to organize and store raw materials, equipment, and more for your business.  


Types of Portable Storage Containers 

Portable storage containers come in a wide array of sizes and types, enhancing their convenience and making them the ultimate resource for business owners and project managers alike. The following are some of Container Technology’s most popular models:  

  • 10ft Storage Containers: Ideal for temporary projects or smaller residential or commercial storage needs, our 10ft containers are the go-to storage solution.  
  • 20ft Storage Containers: The most popular among our inventory, these containers are go-to’s for all industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, and more.  
  • 40ft Storage Containers: Double the size of our 20ft containers, these containers are ideal for large-scale commercial use and large projects. Whether storing equipment, raw materials, and more, these containers are go-to’s for commercial clients.  
  • High Cube Containers: Our 40ft, 45ft, and 53ft high cube containers provide an extra foot of height but with the same length as our standard options. This makes them ideal for oversized loads or heavy machinery.  
  • Cold & Refrigerated Storage: Whether storing perishable goods, medical supplies, or other temperature-sensitive inventory, our cold storage and refrigerated storage containers keep contents fully climate-controlled and secure.  
  • Custom Container Options: Our extensive custom modifications for all sizes of containers make it easy to make your container exactly what you need. Our varied modifications include HVAC/venting, electrical/lighting, windows/skylights, flooring, insulation, painting, additional locking mechanisms, and more.  
  • Open Side Containers: Open-side containers are designed for easy access for oversized loads or irregularly sized contents.  
  • Double-Door Containers: With doors at each end, double-door containers have easy access and are easy to organize and convenient.  
  • Open-Top/Flat Rack Containers: These containers’ open-top design makes it easy to store or transport heavy machinery, oversized loads, or construction materials.  


Container Technology: Quality Brookhaven Portable Storage Containers for Sale 

When looking for the best portable storage containers for sale in Brookhaven, Container Technology is your premier supplier for all applications. No matter what industry you’re in and what budget you’re working with, our amazing team will work with you to make your storage needs a reality.  

Having been in business since 1988 and staffed by a team with over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, Container Technology is here to support and guide our clients to ensure their storage needs are met. Whether looking for a standard or custom container or new or used options, we have the right options for you. Contact us today at 866-738-7451 to learn more about our extensive inventory or request a free quote now to get your storage container journey started.  

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