Storage Containers: On Movie Sets

Storage Containers: On Movie Sets

Published In : 12-October-2023

Hollywood films and shipyards: two topics rarely associated with one another, unless the film in question depicts international shipping.

Shipping containers are some of the sturdiest and dependable storage devices out there. They’ve completed cross-ocean excursions, exposing them to all sorts of weather conditions—making it a no-brainer that people all over the United States have been utilizing them for storage and many other purposes for years. With added options of insulationtemperature control, and a handful of other modification options, they’re versatile, but can also pass the tests of both time and Mother Nature.40′-Container

Among the many irregular, but unexpectedly practical uses for containers: movie set props. With just a bit of movie magic (and the right camera angles), you get structures that can look like building but will last a lot longer than traditional set pieces. After surviving life at sea and then being primed to suit a film set, the durability of shipping containers makes them a smart choice.

Superman flick Man of Steel utilized 24 20ft shipping containers from our partner company Great Lakes Kwik Space in Illinois as regular storefronts in the series’ fictional town of Smallville. Bet you didn’t notice the shipping vestibules disguised as shops. Check out this project here.

Not to mention…

The livable qualities of shipping containers make them prime for office-like rooms that work particularly well for a film set with spread-apart workspaces. Our containers are portable, meaning that they can be transported by truck to your next set location if it moves. They’ll also last for years, giving you a lot of bang for your buck.

Our containers are perfect for making the set a lot more comfortable for all involved. They can be converted into crew lounge areas, dressing rooms for cast members or office spaces for administrative tasks and executive occupants. You can also use our storage containers the old-fashioned way—for storage. They’re reliable and secure sources of storage for camera equipment, important props, etc. Your items will be safe inside, especially with one of our locking mechanisms.

Our sales representatives here at Container Technology understand that each project is unique with specific needs, and we’ll take the time to work with you to deliver the containers that suit those needs best—whether you’re a movie producer or building contractor. Call us toll-free at (877) 670-0229 to get started today.

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