A Simple Guide to Shipping Container Workshops

Shipping container workshops are durable, versatile, and affordable! Here’s what you need to know about shipping container workshop conversions.

Published In : 13-October-2023

Whether you need a comfortable space to enjoy your hobby or a workshop for your business, a shipping container workshop is a great idea! These modified shipping containers are typically fully equipped with electricity, doors, windows, and workbenches – giving you everything you need to jump right in and get to work. They’re appropriate for both commercial and residential use and are both versatile and affordable. Container Technology is here to help you customize your container into a shipping container workshop.

Are you wondering what container workshops are all about and whether it’s the right choice for you? Here’s what you need to know.

What Are the Benefits of a Shipping Container Workshop?

Why would you want to make a workshop out of a shipping container instead of using a garage or shed? There are several benefits that make this a better choice.

1. Portability

Unlike a permanent structure that you would add to your property, shipping containers are designed to be portable. It’s easy to move them from one place to another and remove them from your property when you no longer need them. You can also quickly and easily have a fully-equipped container workshop delivered to your location, and if you ever have to change locations, you won’t have to worry about leaving your workshop behind.

2. Customization

Since a shipping container is basically just an open space, it’s easy to design your workshop in any way you see fit. You can add shelving, benches, lighting, and all of your tools in the exact layout you need.

3. Durability

While shipping containers were originally designed for shipping cargo overseas, converting them into other types of useful spaces has now become commonplace. Since shipping containers are made of high-grade steel, they’re very durable and extremely weather resistant. This makes them perfect for long-term outdoor use.

4. Cost

Shipping container workshops are often comparable in cost or a bit less expensive than building a workshop, shed, or garage on your property. When you look at the cost of labor and the time it takes for construction, in almost all cases, you’ll come out ahead by choosing a container workshop.

How to Convert a Shipping Container into a Workshop

If you’re thinking about doing your own shipping container conversion, it’s important to understand what you’re getting into. Container Technology has outfitted hundreds of containers and specializes in custom container conversions.  While a DIY conversion is possible, you’ll need to have a bit of know-how to get it done. Here are a few of the basic steps you may want to follow when building your workshop:

  • Decide on your workshop plan
  • Choose the right container size
  • Add flooring and a ramp
  • Install doors (standard personnel door, roll-up, or sliding doors)
  • Add a lock box to keep your workshop safe and secure
  • Install a skylight, ventilation, and/or windows
  • Add shelving, a contractor’s table, and storage racks
  • Complete any other modifications
  • Bring in your tools and set up your equipment

If this seems a bit overwhelming, don’t worry! Most people hire a professional to take care of their shipping container conversions for them. The expert container modification team at Container Alliance has been building shipping container workshops and various other conversions for years.

Contact us today to see how easy it is to have us bring your vision to life!

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