5 Business Models that Use Shipping Container Offices

There are many creative ways to use portable offices. Here are a few types of businesses that are perfect for housing in a shipping container office.

Published In : 13-October-2023

Now, more than ever, business owners are looking for ways to cut back on overhead. At the same time, many people are taking the leap from being employees to opening their own businesses. A shipping container office, also called a Conex office, is the perfect solution for both scenarios.

These office spaces are made from either new or used shipping containers. They’re inexpensive and extremely versatile, making them an excellent option for businesses on a budget.

Wondering whether this might be the right choice for you? Here’s a closer look at the benefits of a shipping container office and some of the top businesses currently using them.

Benefits of a Shipping Container Office

One of the biggest reasons to move your business into a shipping container office is that it is portable. You can easily move your shipping container office from one location to the next, making this a great option for traveling or temporary businesses.

Since they’re made of steel, container offices are also extremely strong, rugged, and secure. As a result, they can stand up to the toughest of conditions without missing a beat.

Shipping container offices are also very versatile. You can easily modify your container office to create separate workspaces or create an office/storage unit combination.

The Best Types of Business to Run from a Portable Office

While a portable office might not be right for everyone, for many businesses, it’s the smartest possible solution. Take a look at some of the businesses that will work well in this type of space.

1. Pop-Up Shop

If you already have a retail space, restaurant, or other customer-facing business, you may want to add a shipping container office to your property to use as a pop-up shop. This way, you can attract new customers by allowing other businesses to set up shop in the container during holidays, sales, or other special events.

2. Book Shop

Locals and tourists both love to visit book shops. Since books don’t take up too much space, you can house a nice collection inside a portable office. Even better, you can easily bring your shop to events, festivals, and more.

3. Coffee Shop

A portable office is a perfect setup for a walk-up coffee shop or café. There’s a high markup on most hot beverages, so this can be a very profitable business.

4. Tasting Room

A brewery, winery, or distillery can place a shipping container office on their property as a tasting room. This is great for visitors and can also be used for special events. You can also modify the space to use part of it for storage or as a retail shop.

5. Etsy Seller

It’s easy to turn a shipping container office into a workshop where you can create handmade items to sell on Etsy. Add some shelving, and you’ll have plenty of room to store your inventory before you ship it out.

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