Portable Refrigerated Storage vs. Static Cold Storage

Portable Refrigerated Storage vs. Static Cold Storage

Published In : 13-October-2023

Portable refrigerated storage containers/trailers and static storage/warehouse space are two viable solutions for temporary or long-term cold storage. One of the key decisions to make when considering your cold storage options, are whether you should utilize a portable refrigeration storage container/trailer or choose a static option.

The Benefits of Portable Cold Storage Units

Portable cold storage units can be delivered and moved anywhere that your business requires. This could be beneficial when you have too much inventory, have a special promotion, or decide to move premises. Static refrigeration units/warehouses would make things significantly more difficult and costly. Your product is handled less; reducing the risk of spoilage or damage as well.

Portable refrigerated storage is efficient and convenient. Long-term rental contracts are not a requirement. You return the unit when you are done. Portable units can be leased for as long as necessary, as opposed to buying a static unit outright.

Avoid the hassle of loading items into your vehicle, driving them to an off-site cold storage facility and then unloading your product again. Portable refrigerated storage containers/trailers are brought directly to your site.

There are definite benefits to choosing portable refrigeration over static cold storage. A portable refrigerated container/trailer simply makes more sense. For more information regarding refrigerated containers please visit Portable Refrigerated Storage. PRS is the refrigerated division of Container Technology

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