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Containers for Hospital Storage

Utilizing shipping containers for storage of medical supplies and hospital equipment.

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Use a Shipping Container for Dry Storage

Looking for safe dry storage? A container is the perfect solution.

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Hospital Built from Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are used to create intensive care units for COVID-19 patients.

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Hydroponic Farming with a Shipping Container

Use a shipping container for hydroponic farming

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Shipping Container Numbers and Markings Explained

A breakdown of all numbers and letters on a shipping container.

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Roll Up Doors Vs Cargo Doors

Roll up doors provide quick and easy access to shipping containers.

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Renting vs Purchasing A Shipping Container

Make the right choice between renting or purchasing a container.

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Demand for Shipping Containers Skyrockets Due to Covid

The coronavirus has created a worldwide shortage of containers.

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Inside One of the World’s Largest Container Ships

Step aboard the Marie Maersk, a massive shipping container vessel.

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Foam vs Fiberglass – Shipping Container Insulation

Shipping Containers, Storage Containers, Container Modifications & Mobile Office Units for Sale

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