Installing Additional Doors in a Shipping Container

Installing Additional Doors in a Shipping Container

Published In : 12-October-2023

Shipping containers or storage containers are an excellent option for additional on-site storage. They will keep your goods dry, secure, and can be conveniently located at your site. Storage containers come standard with lockable double swing doors at one end of the container. The double doors open the width of the container and therefore make it easy to load. However once the container is loaded, it may be inconvenient or difficult to access your goods stored inside. Customizing your shipping container with an aftermarket entry door would make accessing your possessions easier and getting into your container more convenient.

The most common and most requested aftermarket entry door is the 3ft industrial personnel door. The industrial personnel door is a solid panel steel door that is constructed of 16 gauge steel and has honeycomb interior. It has a handle, deadbolt lock, and overhead drip ledge. **For additional security, our security swing arm can be added to the 3ft industrial personnel door**

A much lighter duty personnel door is the 3ft wide residential door. The residential door is a six panel 3ft wooden door with a metal skin. This door also has a handle, deadbolt lock, and an overhead drip ledge. The 3ft residential doors are lighter duty than the 3ft solid panel steel door but are more cost effective and offer the same convenience.

The second most common aftermarket entry door is our standard mini storage type roll up door. These doors are cost effective and provide a larger opening in the container for loading/unloading and storage of larger items like tractors, lawnmowers, ATV’s, large furniture, etc. The mini storage roll up door is a 26 gauge galvanized steel ribbed door with a sliding locking clasp. They are available in 15 different colors. Should you decide to paint your container, we can match the exterior paint color to the roll up door. The roll up doors come in sizes ranging from 4ft wide up to 15ft wide and can be installed in a standard height container or a high cube container.

We also offer a heavy duty roll up door which offers high security and a very attractive appearance to any container. The heavy duty roll up door is a spring loaded door constructed of double-walled lightweight anodized aluminum slats (with weather seals between each slat) and a lockable stainless steel lift bar. These doors come in a variety of colors and are available in 4ft to 8ft widths.

Do you like the double doors on the end of the container? We can add an aftermarket set of double swing doors at the opposite end or somewhere on the side of your container. The additional container doors are a great option for a second entry point as they are very secure and provide a fairly large opening (almost 8ft wide).

The additional door options described in this article are our most popular. You can view these doors options on our website (by clicking on the links throughout the article). We also have the ability to add custom doors if the options above do not meet your requirements. Please feel free to contact us with questions about additional entry doors in your storage container or container modifications in general.

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