Hydraulic Doors on Containers

Hydraulic doors on containers

Published In : 12-October-2023

When installing an aftermarket door in a container, most folks opt to go with a roll-up door or a personnel door. These two types of doors are most commonly installed, in addition to the existing cargo doors on a container. However, another creative option is to install a hydraulic lift door. They are typically one piece doors and can be sized accordingly to accommodate your needs. They can be installed in a sidewall or at the end opposite the existing double doors.

These easy to operate hydraulic doors have been installed in containers for trade shows, display booths, and food vendors. With a bush of a button, your hydraulic door will open/close, making setup and breakdown a snap.

The hydraulic doors can be installed to open up or down. If your container is positioned outdoors, you can install a door that opens up. This door could serve as a canopy to provide shade. Having your door open down can create more floor space to display your products. It can also serve as a ramp for loading/unloading.

Not only are the hydraulic doors functional, but they are also a cool conversation piece. You’re sure to get some oooh’s and aaah’s from your customers or tradeshow attendees. They are a great way to draw folks to your business, booth or display. While doing so, they also make your life easier, by giving you extra space for product placement. Now you can pack your container full of product and operate the hydraulic door to access everything at once.

***This article is for informational purposes only. We are able to install roll-up and personnel doors for our customers. However, we like to highlight unique and interesting things that can be done with containers in the aftermarket.***

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