How to Use Shipping Containers for Obstacle Courses

Published In : 12-October-2023

Whether you’re working for a large-scale commercial obstacle course company or just looking for a fun and adventurous weekend with the buddies, variety is key in the art of the obstacle course. Shipping containers can bring this to your obstacle course, in addition to the strength and versatility you need. The containers can be something to climb up, through or over.

Unlike other traditional obstacle course materials that constantly wear out—such as hay bales, rope courses, or truck tires—shipping containers are made to withstand the test of time and natural elements. In fact, they’re built to last for months in the high seas, which should give a basic idea to their unstoppable resistance. Containers do not have to be constantly replaced like many other obstacles, so purchasing one (or several) can end up paying for itself several times over.

Not only do these all-weather-ready containers have the durability demanded by the most hardcore obstacle courses; their many functions make them great to have around for both storage and lounge space.

Additional Benefits

Shipping containers are ideal to have on standby for the storage of large materials and props. They provide the ability to double as obstacles by day and storage space by night. Pack away the rest of your course inside of your shipping container to make everything painlessly transferrable; then turn the container back into an obstacle when you set up shop the next day.

No obstacle course is complete without a place to cool down afterwards. Shipping containers have been used for lounge purposes for quite some time now. Choose from various customizations to turn a shipping container into a portable relaxation space with all the hook-ups you need (windows, doors, lighting, heat or AC units). If your course is more on the commercial side, consider having a container converted into an office space. Doing so would give you the ability to go anywhere your course does.

As obstacle courses generally have a rough and tough image anyway, get the most for your buck by opting to buy a used container. You’ll get the steel resilience that our containers promise at a more affordable price.

Look no further for this indispensable piece to your obstacle course. Discover for yourself the multitude of options of a sturdy shipping container today.

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