How to Stack Anything Inside of a Shipping Container

Learning how to stack items in your shipping container can help you avoid headaches and prevent damage to your goods. Start with these five tips.

Published In : 13-October-2023

How to Stack Anything Inside of a Shipping Container 5 Steps

Whether you’re packing your container to send goods overseas or using it for on-site storage, knowing how to stack items properly can make a big difference. Not only will following best practices help you optimize your space, but it can also prevent accidental damage and ensure you can easily access your items when you need them.

Take a look at these simple shipping container storage tips, and you’ll be stacking like a pro in no time!

1. Use Plastic Pallets

Wooden pallets may be the most popular option, but plastic pallets are more durable and can easily withstand all types of weather. When using plastic pallets, you won’t have to worry about hazards like splinters, nails, and broken boards. Plastic is also resistant to infestation, and it won’t rot or absorb odors.

2. Consider Stacking Order

Stacking your items vertically will help you optimize your space, but it’s important to pay attention to your stacking order. Start by putting the heaviest and most durable items on the bottom. If you’re storing chemicals or anything that could leak and damage items, keep these down low as well.

Also, take the time to plan out your stacking order before you get started. This will allow you to keep frequently used items up front for easy accessibility.

3. Leave Enough Space

It’s normal to want to fit as much as possible into your shipping container, but it’s also important to leave enough space so you can move around. If possible, try to keep the corners of your storage container empty and create walkways between stacks of boxes. This will allow you to easily access your items and give you space to rearrange them as needed.

4. Label Your Boxes

There are few things worse than looking at a huge pile of boxes and having no idea which one contains the item you need. You can avoid this by labeling every box and making sure the labels are visible as you walk through your shipping container.

You may want to color-code your labels to make things even easier. If you’re storing items in a large 20-foot or 40-foot shipping container, it’s also helpful to create a rough map that outlines where items are kept.

5. Use FIFO Rotation

If you’re storing anything that has an expiration date, using a first-in, first-out (FIFO) rotation will help reduce waste. As new stock comes in, move the older items up front and place the new items behind them. This way, you’ll know you’re always using the oldest items first.

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