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Why you need dry storage and how to achieve it.

Published In : 12-October-2023

When storing goods it is very important to have a safe, secure, and dry area to keep them in. Given the unpredictability of the weather (especially in coastal areas), DRY seems to be the keyword to focus on.

Why Dry Storage:

Dry storage is an often overlooked necessity. Many businesses rely on their product to be in a dry area with steady climate conditions but do not often know how to achieve this. A great solution to this problem is shipping containers.

Shipping containers are designed to handle heavy weathering conditions because they are built to travel long distances across seas. They provide plenty of space for any amount of goods surplus and you can rest easy knowing that your container will keep your belongings dry through any sort of inclement weather.


Proper ventilation in your shipping container is also necessary to keep the temperature of your container from changing. It also comes in handy if you are storing materials that contain harmful gases or chemicals. Cargo containers are outfitted standard with small pressure vents to allow the unit to breathe, but often times that is not enough to create ventilation inside the unit, especially in environments where temperatures fluctuate drastically.

There are a variety of modifications that can also be done to improve ventilation. Choices from Rooftop turbine vents and exhaust fans to full HVAC cooling/heating systems can be installed to meet any specific need.


The other obvious benefit of a shipping container is the amount of security provided. Aside from keeping out bad weather, your container will also make sure no unwanted guests (like rodents) will be tampering with your product inside. Additional security locks can always be added as well.

This year has been full of heatwaves, hurricanes, and everything in between. It is a wise decision to store your products in a unit that can handle these harsh conditions. Whether you are renting or buying, Container Technology has a container to suit any and all of your needs. For more information on how you can keep your products dry and safe call (877) 670-0229 or get an online quote.

Container Technology is a member of the Container Alliance Partnership offering portable storage containers for sale as well as shipping containers for rent across north America, for more information visit Container Alliance.

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