Containers for Pop-Up Shops – 20ft Open Side Container

Utilizing open side containers for pop up shops and short term retail spaces

Published In : 12-October-2023

Pop-up Shops also known as Flash Retailing, is a trend of opening a short-term retail space. These shops can be used for anything from art, fashion, museums, the tech industry or restaurants. They offer a quick way to create a lasting impression on customers. These pop-up shops have become a popular option for retailers. It allows them to position their products in front of their target audience; like festivals, concerts and sporting events.

Many of these retailers are utilizing Shipping Containers as an option to create their buzz. One type of container to consider for this is a 20ft Open Side Container. A 20ft open side container is a versatile option, as the whole 20ft sidewall can open up. The doors swing open to a 270 degree angle to create a spacious and welcoming interior space. The best part of utilizing a 20ft open side container, is it can easily be buttoned up when not in use. Simply close the open side door and lock up the container.

A 20ft open side container is easily transportable as well. You can pack up your pop-up shop and transport it or move it to the next festival, trade show or just about anywhere. The 20ft open side containers also come in a “high cube” version as well. The high cube containers are 9ft 6in tall on the exterior (as opposed to a standard height container, which is 8ft 6in tall). Since the entire sidewall opens up, these containers allow for easy loading of oversized cargo as well.

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