Containerizing Electrical Equipment: How-to and Benefits

Containerizing Electrical Equipment: How-to and Benefits

Published In : 12-October-2023

The nitty-gritty work of conducting electricity has to get done somewhere. Instead of forcing heavy electrical equipment into a room where it doesn’t belong, consider the advantages of using a shipping container for the job.

Containerized electrical rooms provide a secure space for the necessary components of electricity production, including frequency converters, switchgears, and control systems. Electrical rooms may simply serve to control the electricity of a larger structure, or they can come together to control something larger.

Why Use a Shipping Container?

Many buildings that require such equipment simply devote one of the rooms of their structure to the electrical components. Before launching into the pricey construction endeavor of converting a pre-existing space to accommodate this equipment, explore the benefits of purchasing a shipping container for sale for conversion into an electric room.

Repurposing a container for your electrical work provides unbeatable mobility that rivals all similar structures. The shipping container can be easily transported anywhere by truck or shipping cargo load, with a weather and waterproof structure made to withstand essentially any climate changes thrown its way. Because shipping containers are made to ship cargo around the high seas, durability is paramount in their construction.

Considering the heavy weight of the electric gear, the strength of the shipping container is not only helpful—it’s necessary. Such equipment may be so heavy that a traditional building would have to undergo expensive reconstruction to accommodate the new features, from top to bottom. The floor may need to hold up transformers and switchgear, while its walls and ceiling might need to support hefty cables or busbars.

The shipping container’s versatile nature makes it the perfect solution for hosting control centers geared towards disaster relief. It the very reason why the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) chose to make their control centers mobile by utilizing several 40ft shipping containers. The transportability of the containers enables FEMA to travel with the hefty equipment necessary to access their technology. While a governmental disaster relief agency may require more mobility than other organizations needing control centers, simply having the ability to move if the need arises can be beneficial to anyone.

Preparing Your Container

Container Technology, Inc can provide different-sized containers with the necessary modifications to install the electrical components to either an electric room or control center.

Unlike traditional substations, electrical rooms present an environment cohesive to lengthening the lifetime of your electrical equipment. Container Technology, Inc can deliver you a container that has essentially been turned into a sanctuary for electrical equipment via the proper ventilation and cooling systems.

By default, shipping containers come with standard cargo doors. The doors provide basic functional access, but a number of different door options may better suit your personal needs for accessing your electrical equipment. A practical option is the standard roll-up door or heavy-duty roll-up door; both offer more convenient access, and the latter offers increased security. Personnel doors may also be smart options for those whose work requires interior access.

Electrical Room Ceiling Wires

Here at Container Technology, Inc, we recognize that your modification needs may extend beyond what we have done in the past, as every product is different. However, we are up to the challenge of accommodating said needs by working with you to produce the perfect container.

Don’t hesitate to call us at (678) 829-5901 to discuss your electrical container needs, or contact us online to get a quote today.

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