Container Golf Simulator

How to use a shipping container to make your own golf simulator.

Published In : 12-October-2023

The majority of golfers will do whatever is necessary to take a couple of strokes off their game. Is the driving range too far from your house? Do the golf balls at the range look like they haven’t been changed out in a year?

Why not modify a shipping container into a custom golf simulator.

You can utilize a 20’ or 40’ container to make your perfect course at home. By cutting a sidewall, adding some leveling posts and retrofitted a hydraulic door, you can create a completely self-contained unit that doesn’t take up too much space.

Lining the floor with astroturf or other options for artificial grass can give you that realistic feel of a tee box or fairway.

The container will need to be modified with lighting and electricity in order to power the necessary components. The hardest part is choosing the right simulator for you. There many factors around finding the right option but the folks at offer some helpful information: A Golfers Guide For Building a Home Golf Simulator. Even if a simulator is not an option, a simple practice net can serve the same purpose (just fewer bells and whistles).

The best part about a custom container conversion is that you can make this as personal as you like. This can be achieved by adding a fresh coat of paint, additional entry doors or even some windows for natural light. You can even divide the simulator into two sections and have some storage as well. These can also be temporary if you want to take the container to a different location.

At Container Technology Inc. we can help you create a custom container to meet your needs. Give us a call at (877) 670-0229 or complete an online quote. Let us make your next container project a hole in one!

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