1001 Shipping Container | Storage Container Uses

1001 Shipping Container | Storage Container Uses

Published In : 13-October-2023

Shipping container, storage container, cargo container, conex box, intermodal container, pod…all of these terms refer to one of the most versatile products out there. Have you ever thought of utilizing a shipping container for something other than storage purposes? While they provide an inexpensive solution for on-site storage, they can also be used for various other applications.

A shipping container’s life begins in the manufacturing plant, typically in China. Most shipping containers are then utilized for international shipping service. However some of them come to the states as “one-trippers”. A “one-trip” container is not utilized for international shipping service. It is loaded and shipped to the states one time (hence the name “one-tripper”). Once a shipping container lives out its life in shipping service (typically 7-12 years) or comes over as a “one-tripper”, it is then sold to wholesalers, distributors, and end users.

What happens to a shipping container after it comes out of service? That’s where we come in. As a wholesaler/distributor we sell the containers to the end user. We sell them to be utilized for on-site storage purposes. We also sell them to other businesses in the storage industry who utilize them for resale or rental purposes.

In many cases, shipping containers are used for a wide variety of applications other than storage. This is what makes a shipping container so versatile. We receive inquiries on a daily basis from customers that want to convert containers into field offices, mobile workshops, mini storage, retail space, bunk houses for hunting camps, storm shelters, specialized equipment modules, research labs and even residences.

Shipping containers are one of the most rigidly built structures in the world. They are constructed of 1.6MM corrugated steel panels throughout as well as solid marine plywood floors. Shipping containers offer the perfect medium and can be modified into a variety of configurations.

The bottom line is, while shipping containers are great for storage…they are also versatile! With a little creativity and the experienced people (that’s us) to make your vision become a reality, the possibilities are endless.

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