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Hospital Built from Shipping Containers

By June 12th, 2020 About Containers No Comments
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Over the years, shipping containers have been used to build various structures.  In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the first intensive care unit (ICU) made from a shipping container has been created. 

The coronavirus has overwhelmed the healthcare system, and created a need to quickly expand hospital capacity. Unlike hospital tents, shipping containers provide an excellent solution because they possess negative room pressure. Air does not flow out, so the virus cannot escape and spread. Also, storage containers are easily transportable so the units can be moved to fight the pandemic as the severity of the virus in a region changes. Plus, the infrastructure for transporting shipping containers with trains, trucks, and ships already exists.

Each mobile intensive care unit is a 20ft shipping container, the most common of storage container sizes in the world. Modified with two windows, they allow visitors to see family members. With room to fit two beds and the essential equipment to keep desperately ill patients alive, these units significantly relieves the pressure of hospitals. Even as countries slowly lift lockdown rules, experts predict that portable ICU’s will continue to help hospitals around the world. If you would have any questions about shipping containers for sale, shipping container price, or shipping container dimensions, please give Container Technology a call at (877) 670-0229 or complete an online quote request.

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New One Trip vs. Used Containers: Which is Right?

By April 7th, 2015 About Containers 1 Comment
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Congratulations! You’ve done the research and decided that a shipping container is the best option for your on-site storage. But now you need to decide whether a new one trip container or a used container is right for you.

In choosing whether to purchase or lease a new one trip container or a used container it is important to consider your shipping container needs.

New One Trip Containers

20ft-one-trip-container-web New one trip containers are ideal for those who are looking for the highest level of quality, durability, and aesthetics. New one trip containers are usually less than a year old, used only once when shipped from their overseas manufacturer. In pristine condition, new one trip containers are never exposed to the rigors of a marine environment or container depot. They are a solid one color with no shipping logos or signs of wear and are equipped with a factory lock box.

New one trip containers are the best choice for those wishing to modify a shipping container for use as residence or office. We offer a wide variety of container modifications and can convert a container to your specifications.

New one trip containers are also ideal if ensuring the condition of the container’s contents is a concern. The excellent condition of a new one trip containers ensures that important items such as medical supplies, electrical equipment, or even your prized possessions will remain in pristine condition.

Used Containers

20ft-cargo-worthy-container2 Used containers are ideal for those who are less concerned with aesthetics and are looking to bridge the gap between function and cost. Built to last, used shipping containers will last for years to come. Used containers are typically 8-12 years old and are sourced from international shipping services. Reflecting the rigors of the shipping process; used containers vary in color and often have shipping logos, superficial dents and scratches, and rust from the exposed steel of the container oxidizing. A popular option for those looking to extend the both the life and the aesthetic appeal of their container are refurbished containers.

Used containers are the best choice for those who are looking for effective storage solutions or other nonresidential uses. Some examples include file and record storage, boat and recreational vehicle storage, and construction storage. We also offer modifications for used containers to meet your unique storage needs.

Whether you have decided to purchase or lease your shipping container, let us help you with finding your perfect container. For more information give us a call at 877-670-0229 or fill out an online quote request form.

Creative Uses – 20ft Storage Containers – Superman Movie Set-Plano, IL

By December 9th, 2011 Creative Uses No Comments
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The new Superman movie, The Man of Steel, will be released in December of 2012. The town of Plano, Illinois has gone through a dramatic change.

Hollywood and the Warner Brothers mega million-dollar production has come to a normally very quiet rural down – In the Superman comic, the town of Smallville is an important piece of the puzzle. To the producer and director of Superman, Plano, IL represents the perfect Smallville.

Filming for a portion of the movie was recently completed in Plano. This small but growing rural community 50 miles west of downtown Chicago was transformed into a Metropolis for a couple of weeks in August. The historical downtown district was closed to business while the movie was being filmed.

Sections of the town were temporarily changed to incorporate a barbershop, bank, fake 7-11 and other stores. As you can see from the pictures, they are just “storefronts” built in front of a structure that consisted of 20′ storage containers stacked and lashed in place three high.

So you may ask yourself why shipping containers? And what do they have to do with Superman? Well shipping containers are as strong as superman himself. They are made to be stacked 8 or 9 tall loaded with cargo. The structure of the container when lashed down is capable of withstanding category 5 hurricanes with ease. It has been reported even that during very powerful tornados, storage containers if secured to the ground are the only structures that survive. Storage containers have been used on countless movie and television sets for many different reasons. Often the shipping containers serve as a backdrop to create an industrial setting. They can easily be arranged like building blocks to create the ideal setting. They can also be used as portable structures, such as in Superman. The portability gives a non-permanent structure that can be setup quickly and efficiently. In addition to being convenient, they are also affordable.


The twenty four (24) 20ft storage containers were supplied by Great Lakes Kwik Space, Aurora, IL. Great Lakes Kwik Space was happy to provide a solution for the Superman set and are pleased to hear that the movie created a positive economic impact for the local community in Plano, IL.   By the way, the fake 7-11 store gets blown up, (the shipping containers remain safe) and half the “town” gets destroyed… but we think Superman will prevail. Feel free to contact us for more information and a free quote.