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40ft Insulated Container – The Frog Pod – Atlanta, GA

By July 21st, 2011 Creative Uses 4 Comments

Customer Spotlight: Atlanta Botanical Gardens

We were contracted by the Atlanta Botanical Garden to convert a 40ft non-working refrigerated container otherwise known as 40ft insulated container into their “Frog Pod”.  They approached us with the concept to create on-site lab to cultivate new and endangered species of frogs.  They called it a “bio-secure amphibian research lab”.

A non-working refrigerated container (or insulated container) was a perfect fit for their application.  They didn’t need the refrigeration machine to be functional.  They needed an insulated area where the temperature and humidity could be controlled for the frogs.

We created two separate rooms within the 40ft insulated container.  The smaller room or “clean room” is where they enter the lab.  They come into this area and prepare themselves to enter the lab.  This is done to avoid bringing any outside contaminants into the lab itself.  We installed the access door from the exterior, interior door, electrical, overhead lighting, window A/C and linoleum flooring.  The botanical garden also installed some of their own components as well as the plumbing.

The interior door opens up into the lab area.  This area is where the frog specimens are cultivated and monitored.  We installed the exterior door, windows, electrical, overhead lighting, and window A/C.  All of the tanks, racks, tank lighting and miscellaneous components were installed by the botanical garden.

It was a fun and innovative project to be a part of…The “Frog Pod” represents another creative way in which a container (in this case, a non-working refrigerated container) can be converted and used in the aftermarket. 40' Insulated Container

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  1. August 23rd, 2011

    This is a great article CTI. Thanks for the info

  2. July 24th, 2013

    I love finding new posts on creative uses for Storage Containers – the Frog Pod is a fantastic idea and the container with the window looks great with the branding – very impressive.

    You mmight want to check out our blog post on how Converse used 3 storage containers and branded them up to create a chillout area for festivals across Europe.

    Trust its of interest.



  3. admin
    July 25th, 2013

    Thanks Tim! Great job on the containers for converse! Ray

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