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Containers for Hunting & Fishing

By July 19th, 2017 Creative Uses 4 Comments

Hunting and fishing take a lot of preparation leading up to the “Big Day”. Whether it is gathering the proper supplies or mapping out your route of travel, it is always better to be over prepared. A couple very important aspects are storage and shelter. Shipping containers are a great option to keep your gear safe and secure, as well as provide safe-haven for you and your friends during those long trips.  There are other ways to meet these needs but using a container certainly has added benefits.


Containers were built to travel overseas which means that they are durable enough to stand up to almost anything mother nature can throw at them. Whether you are fighting harsh rains or humidity you can be assured that your container will step up to the challenge.


The containers can be set up for short or long-term use and are very easy to move in and out. Provided the container is accessible, it can be left lakeside or deep in the woods.  Your ideal hunting and fishing container can travel with you if you choose to move locations.  


All containers are delivered in wind & watertight condition which means that you and your belongings will be safe from the elements. Since you can never be too careful with firearms and your valuable hunting/fishing gear, lock boxes are also available for added security.


Container Technology, Inc., has over 30 years of experience in customizing containers. Containers can be outfitted with everything from custom windows and skylights, to electrical/lighting and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). You can make your container into a cozy home away from home that will outlast any traditional camp set up.

Using a shipping container will not only make your trip easier but more organized, even in the off season. You can customize the container to meet your needs…not to mention make your buddies jealous!  Whether you are spending time on the lake or in the field, a container is always a smart move when journeying into the wild. For more information go to or call (877) 670-0229.


  1. July 31st, 2017

    Hi Guys … Is it feasible to recycle reefer containers into housing units given that the outside is aluminium and the inside is stainless steel? by this I mean can one still cut and weld without fire risk etc and install doors, windows, electrics and plumbing? How do you overcome the problems of the double skin as opposed to starting with a con-ten single skin?

    Best wishes … Alan

  2. Ray
    August 7th, 2017

    Hello Alan,
    Thanks for the inquiry and questions. We do not recommend using reefer containers for this application. While they are already insulated, they are difficult to modify (for the reasons you mentioned). If you try to weld frames for doors, windows, etc, you run the risk of burning up the insulation. You also have to contend with the gap between the exterior/interior panels. In our opinion, you will spend more time and money trying to convert a reefer container, as opposed to a standard shipping container. I hope this information is helpful.

  3. Howard
    September 27th, 2017

    Can i specify color inside & out? (Primer red)
    Can i specify locking “bloxwich” handles?
    I am trying to match my existing Gldu container.

  4. Ray
    October 2nd, 2017

    Hello Howard,
    Thanks for finding us. We can paint a container pretty much any color. The containers have the standard locking mechanisms that are installed at the factory. However, we are also able to install/provide additional locking equipment. Please let us know where you need the container and the size of the container that would work best for you. We’d be happy to get back to you with availability/pricing. Thanks!

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