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Customizing a Shipping Container

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Always wanted to have a little extra space? Using shipping containers to create that extra space is the perfect way to achieve that dream. Shipping containers come in various sizes and are easy to customize. Extra space applications could include offices, guest houses, music studios, workshops, sheds, or craft rooms. By customizing your shipping container, you can create the perfect extra space solution.


Shelving in your shipping container is a great way to stay organized and keep your shipping container clutter free. Container Technology Inc. can equip your container with shelving prior to delivery. We can help configure your shelving to meet your storage needs and requirements. The shelves hang from the interior “D” rings of the container and no interior and exterior modifications are needed. The shelves are fully adjustable and can easily be removed


Overhead-Lights(1)CTI can install lights, outlets, and data/phone lines in your container. You also have the option of adding exterior lighting, including porch lights, flood lights, etc. Receptacles are standard 110V and come with either two or four outlets. They can be flush mounted or exposed on the surface of the wall paneling. Overhead lighting is one of our most popular modifications. The lights are 2-bulb florescent fixtures. Multiple switches can be installed to control the lights from various locations inside your container. LED lighting is a great option if you are in a remote location and do not have access to power on-site. The LED lights can be hooked up to a small battery to provide power and illuminate the interior of your container.

Windows and Skylights

Windows and skylights p3'x3'-Window-with-Security-Barsrovide an inexpensive way to bring natural lighting into your container. Our most popular windows is a 2ft x 3ft double paned window with a screen. We can also add security bars to a window for additional security. Skylights are a great option for those who desire natural lighting but are also concerned with security. They let the light in but do not reveal any of the container’s contents to anyone on ground level.



Paint and Decals40-conversion-a1

We can paint your shipping container any color you wish! Maybe you want to paint your container to represent your brand or match it to your building or maybe you want to camouflage your container with trees and shrubbery. Your wish is our command! All we need to know is your color of choice and we will make it happen. If you order a custom decal, we can add that anywhere on your container as well.


Vinyl-Floor-CoveringFloors in shipping containers are typically treated with chemicals to prevent corrosion and insect infestation. Depending on how you plan to use the container, you may consider replacing the flooring. Steel overlay flooring is one of our most popular floor modifications. Vinyl flooring is a great option if you are looking for something durable and easy to clean. Vinyl flooring also offers a wide-range of choices in textures, colors, and thickness.

A spray-on bedliner is a coating typically used in the bed of cargo vehicles and trucks. This is an excellent option for waterproofing or seating the floor your container. It performs very well in extreme cold and hot climates and will not warp, crack, peel, or split.

Spray-On-Bedliner                     Steel-Overlay-Main-Thumbnail

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Let Container Technology Inc. help your dream of extra space become a reality. Call us toll-free today at (877) 670-0229 to speak with a knowledgeable sales rep or fill out a quick quote form. We want to work with you to find the right storage solution!

Using Shipping Containers to Store and Ship Cars

By May 6th, 2016 Creative Uses 4 Comments
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Are you cramped on space and looking for a storage solution? Is your garage full and need extra space to store your car? Maybe your garage just isn’t cutting it anymore? Shipping container garages are a great affordable alternative because of their size and their resistant steel shell. They are a perfect permanent car storage solution because it is much cheaper to purchase a container than paying for a car storage facility for several years. The steel containers provide protection against theft and vandalism. They are wind and watertight and will protect your car from unpredictable weather conditions. Shipping containers usually have a lock box to secure your car or possessions and can be modified to better suit your needs. Shipping containers are a versatile, affordable, and durable alternative to a traditional garage.

Since shipping containers are mobile and easy to install, they can be used as a long-term solution or as a temporary fix. Shipping container can be modified to include roll-up side doors, electrical wiring, insulation, flooring, ventilation, windows, shelving, etc. Take a look at Container Tech’s modification page to learn more! The doors on the container can be modified to make it more convenient for your storage needs. Let Container Technology, Inc help design your dream garage out of a shipping container, the sky’s the limit.Photo Jan 13, 2 54 57 PM


Affordable- Costs less than building a garage.

Movable- Can easily be moved from one location to another.

Easy to install- After you have your container delivered, it is ready for immediate use.

Easy to use and maintain– Once the container is set in place, add a moveable ramp and you can easily drive in and out. Check and address any rust issues to ensure that your container will last for many years.

Security- Container garage can be placed in your own yard, no remote location.


Container Size-  A 20 ft shipping container is about the size of one parking space. The space inside a 20 ft container is almost 8 ft wide and 8 ft tall with a length of about 19’ and can hold one car.  The space inside a 40 ft shipping container is about 7’8” wide and 7’8” tall with a length of about 40’ and can hold two cars. A 45 ft high cube container is perfect for storing oversized cars because they are taller and give you extra height.

Container Condition–  A used container will cost less especially if aesthetics are not an issue. Used containers will exhibit signs of wear and tear, but that might not be a problem if you are into that rustic look. A new container will will cost more but will last longer in the long run.

Transporting a Car In a Shipping Container

  • Photo Jan 13, 2 37 47 PMBuild a barrier of some sort with plywood or timber to keep it contained and separated from other items. This process of embarkation is vital when shipping a vehicle in a container.
  • Drain all the fuel from the car and disconnect the battery and alarm system.
  • Wheels must be blocked from the front, back, and sides with wooden blocks or wheel chocks. The wheels need to be strapped securely with ratchet straps and then fit the straps to all the wheels by using the heavy lashing points located on the bottom of the container walls.

Photo Jan 13, 2 40 07 PM

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Our sales representatives here at Container Technology, Inc understand that each project is unique with specific needs, and we’ll take the time to work with you to deliver the containers that suit those needs best. Call us toll-free at (877) 670-0229 or fill out a quick quote form to get started today.

Industry Legend: Rick Nuckols

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Rick Nuckols

When a customer needs something you don’t offer, you can send them down the road. Or, you can find a way to fill the need. Rick Nuckols got started in the portable storage industry by choosing option number two.

“Right after I left the Coast Guard, I was in the construction industry,” he says. “I was working in the field as an ironworker, and also as an estimator. And somebody came into the facility and wanted some containers repaired and stored. So, I put together a small company to do that.”

This was around 1976, and Rick’s small company became Old Dominion Container Repair. He served as president until 1988.

“In 1988, I founded Container Technology Inc. and signed a contract with GE/Genstar to handle all their sales for North and South America,” Rick says. In 1991, Genstar purchased Itel Containers, becoming the largest leasing company in the world.

“When they purchased Itel, one of the divisions Itel had was Instant Space. They came to me and said they’d buy me out of my contract, and hired me as director of Instant Space for the U.S.,” says Rick.

Rick set up an office in Atlanta. However, Instant Space relocated to the San Francisco bay area in 1994. “I took that opportunity to leave the corporate environment and get back into what I truly enjoy, which is being an entrepreneur.”

At the time, Rick had a business partner, Wayne Lawson. They asked Amy Gilbert from Instant Space to join their new venture. The three of them re-built Container Technology from the ground up.

“We had 20-some containers and got back into the storage and leasing business,” says Rick. “We grew the business over a very short period. We had 1,200 containers by 1997. It was a time in the industry when people were just starting to figure out all the applications they could use containers for.”

William Scotsman approached Rick about buying his storage fleet.

“It was an asset sale, not selling the company,” he says. “Our noncompete was only for the storage side, so we continued doing sales around the country, and also modifications. In 2001, we started another dry storage division, so we were back to sales, modifications, refrigeration, and dry storage.”

As Container Technology continued to grow, it gained more suitors.

“In 2007, we had two national companies contact us about buying out our dry-storage fleet,” Rick says. “We had to decide whether to keep it and continue to grow or focus on other areas. The fleet was over 1,000 containers. We sold the fleet. Not a lot of companies have sold their storage fleet twice.”

Rick and his team continued doing sales, modifications, and refrigeration. But in 2012, the terms of the fleet-sale contract let them get back into dry storage.

Container Technology has continued to grow. “I guess it’s a combination of timing, being blessed, and making good decisions,” says Rick. “And our philosophy is always get the right people that are a good fit for what we’re trying to do.

Rick says that integrity, intelligence, and loyalty are the keys to finding the right players.

“I used to be a micromanager, and I’m someone who’s always had high expectations for myself and anybody who works with me,” he says. “But I always try to be fair and open about what’s going on and where we’re going and how. I try to give them the tools they need to succeed. We try to create an environment where they treat it like it’s their own business. Making people feel appreciated is so important.”

Rick builds that sense of ownership by basing compensation on the success of the business overall. He also helps his employees develop their careers.

“I started as a temp receptionist in 1992 for Genstar,” says Amy. “Now, I own 40 percent of Container Technology. That tells you what kind of person Rick is. He loves to see everyone around him be successful.”

It sounds like Rick leads by example.

“Rick is somebody who gives 110 percent in every single thing he does. He’s enthusiastic and energetic – it’s contagious,” says Amy. “He loves to teach and mentor people. He likes to help people be the best they can be. He’s encouraged me over the years to do things I never thought I could do.”

Rick says he’s benefited from similar support.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without my wife of 47 years,” he says. “To have someone who believes in you, who lets you put your house up as collateral? It makes all the difference. There were lots of guys who were smarter than me in this industry. However, they didn’t have that support behind them. But Sharon knew I was an entrepreneur and she gave me her unconditional support.”

Now, Rick gets to reap the benefits of building his business and team.

“This is the best team that I’ve ever had,” he says. “I get to be at the end of my career and watch them grow the business. It’s really, really rewarding. They are my ‘business family.’ Every day I come here, I’m excited.”

Storing these Items? Consider Ventilating Your Shipping Container

By April 15th, 2016 About Containers 2 Comments
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At Container Technology Inc. (CTI), we spend a lot of time and effort helping people decide between the different types of shipping container | storage container – different lengths, heights, and conditions. Sometimes even to the point that we lose sight of the most important part—what’s going inside the container itself! To ensure that your valuable items are properly protected, it is important to consider whether your shipping container has adequate ventilation.

A shipping container | storage container is more than just the giant metal box that it appears to be. Every shipping container is constructed to withstand the rigors of shipping on the open ocean. They can handle almost anything that is thrown at them—extreme weather, harsh physical environments – with ease.

But the very design and construction that makes the shipping container ideal for storage can also cause problems for your stored items. For example, if moisture gets into the container, then it can’t get out. While shipping containers | storage containers are built with small pressure vents that allow the unit to breathe, they are not sufficient to create functional ventilation inside the container.

For this reason, ensuring that you have adequate ventilation is essential. Proper ventilation becomes even more important if you are placing your container in an environment where temperatures fluctuate drastically or when you are storing temperature or moisture sensitive items.

The easiest way to ensure that your shipping container | storage container has the ventilation you require is to modify your container with a roof-top turbine vent, fixed louver vent, or exhaust fan. Just contact CTI to find out what option is best for you.

Shipping containers | storage containers have a variety of applications and we know that every client has different needs for their portable storage but if you are planning on storing any of the following items in your container, you may want to consider ventilation.

Household Items

If you are storing household items-proper ventilation is key, whether it’s for a remodel, move, donation drive, or other purpose. If any moisture reaches your items and is sealed inside your container without any air circulation – your items can warp, mold, and mildew. Temperature changes– such a extreme heat can also damage your items. Of course, proper packing of your household items can help, but they cannot guarantee protection like proper ventilation can.

Heavy Machinery & Automobiles

While heavy machinery and automobiles seem like they’re designed to stand up to heavy use and abuse, properly ventilated storage helps to ensure that they will run properly.

In order to keep your machinery in top condition and operating well, it is critical to keep it at a safe temperature range and allow air circulation. Extreme temperatures can undermine the integrity of your machinery and could even cause it to be damaged beyond repair. Additionally, if moisture is introduced to the shipping container and is sealed in, rust and mold could develop.

Automobiles contain flammable liquids and are made up of materials which can suffer from exposure to heat or moisture. Vehicle parts like engines, vehicle fluids, and delicate internal systems also require ventilated storage.

Dry Goods

Ventilation is a must when storing dry goods. In a sealed or poorly ventilated container, goods can gather condensation, which damages your product and can even cause rot. Adequate ventilation preserving your valuable goods can save money in the long run by helping to keep your container dry and cool.

Certain Chemicals/Pressurized Gases

If you work in construction or other types of heavy industry, chemicals and pressurized gases are everyday tools. Some chemicals are fine in an unmodified storage unit, but you will need a ventilated shipping container if you are storing chemicals that are flammable. Check the legal requirements for each chemical you are planning on storing before placing it in your storage container. There are certain chemicals that cannot be stored in an enclosed space under any circumstance.

Like chemicals, pressurized gas containers have a lot of legal requirements for their storage. To comply with the law, pressurized gas storage must maintain a safe temperature and be well ventilated. Check on the specific restrictions of your product before you plan on utilizing a shipping container.

About Us

At Container Technology Inc., we work with customers on a daily basis to find the perfect storage solution for their needs and budget. With over 75 years of combined experience in the storage industry, we can meet almost any need. We can also modify your container with a number of different flooring, door, window, ventilation, and lighting options. Contact us today at (877) 670-0229 to speak with one of our knowledgeable and friendly service representatives or get an online quote now. Storing these Items? Consider Ventilating Your Shipping Container

Playground Containers

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Shipping containers made into playgrounds? This is now becoming a reality because of the fact that shipping containers are versatile and environmentally friendly. Shipping containers are virtually indestructible and can be stacked up like Legos. Building a playground out of shipping containers can leave you with endless options instead of a simple out of the box plastic structure that is found in most of our parks and schools. Using shipping containers is like a blank canvas because there are so many unique and innovative ways to design your dream playground. Shipping container structures enable a child’s imagination to run wild and creates a whole new world. This world of adventure created by shipping containers take an active part in building upon their imaginations. Children can take part in “risk-taking” play while being supervised. In addition, the cost is low to build these structures. These kinds of playgrounds will have long-term positive outcomes for our children. These container playgrounds are aiding in the growth and development of our youth by presenting controlled challenges and risks. In a society reluctant to take risks, such opportunities are rapidly declining. “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” ― Albert Einstein


Skinner’s Playground in Melbourne, Australia was designed by Melbourne-based Phooey Architects. This children’s center was created with container cut-outs that have been repositioned. There are four modified containers: two long ones clamped together at ground level and two smaller ones, also clamped together, placed at an angle on top at the south end. The stairs railing, overhangs, and balconies are all created from pieces of containers.



Container Park in Las Vegas, Nevada converted a container into a 30 foot tall tree house with three different slides.

Help to enrich the lives of children by building a playground out of shipping containers. You can make a difference in a child’s life! Contact Container Technology, Inc toll-free at (877) 670-0229 to talk about your container needs today.

On-Demand Training Where Sailors Need it: At the Shipyard, Naval Station, or Pier

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Long gone are the days when expert sailors relied upon experience and knowledge of the stars to guide their ships to shore. Today’s sailors combine their seamanship with the advanced technical expertise necessary to command and maintain the complex systems that protect modern navies. Until today, there were few options for sailors to remain current on rapidly evolving technologies on the waterfront, especially at shipyards and smaller fleet concentration areas.

Enter Lockheed Martin’s on-demand training solution: a “trainer in a container”—the go-anywhere full-spectrum surface navy training solution   Lockheed Martin outfitted a standard (8-feet by 40-feet) cargo container with its world-class naval training systems to demonstrate how training simulators could be available to sailors when they need it, where they need it and how they need it. The engineers who designed and built the system at our Moorestown, New Jersey campus fondly dubbed it “The ConTrainer”.

The ConTrainer can be configured to use standard shore-power connections or to run on a portable generator and can be put on a flatbed truck or shipping vessel for transport. There is space within the container for four watchstanders and a training facilitator, flat-screen displays for group learning and a server room for electrical/computing equipment along with additional storage.

“The on-demand trainer means that sailors can be trained wherever they are: at a naval station, pier or shipyard,” said Lee Peterson, Lockheed Martin Training Products Technical Director. “Sailors can stay current on the latest advances on their equipment without having to go to a traditional classroom.”

The Lockheed Martin on-demand trainer concept for the surface navy will be featured at the Surface Navy Association’s (SNA) annual meeting Jan. 12-14 in Crystal City, Virginia. Attendees are invited to step inside and learn about these training solutions while trying the live-training simulators. Not attending SNA? Contact us to set up a demonstration.


For more information visit:

Creative Uses: Temperature Controlled Mobile Workshop

By February 27th, 2016 Creative Uses 1 Comment
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Shipping containers aren’t only for the storage and transportation of goods! With a little imagination, a shipping container can be the building block for any number of things– a house, a restaurant, a shop, or even an electrical room.

10-conversion-5At Container Technology, Inc., one of our specialties is custom container modifications. Give us a raw shipping container and an idea and we will make it happen! Our custom container modification packages run the gamut from insulation, electrical wiring and lighting, windows, man doors,custom flooring. Take a look at our modifications page to learn more!

10-conversion-1One of our most recent projects at CTI is a temperature-controlled portable workshop. Why buy a flimsy composite work shed or spend large amounts of money on rent on an industrial space when you can have a strong, secure, and portable workspace that is custom designed to meet all your needs?

10-conversion-3CTI created this portable workshop from a standard 10ft shipping container. We modified it from top to bottom and created a fully finished work space that is temperature controlled and wired for electricity. The interior of the shipping container was framed, insulated, and finished with 5/16” paneling. CTI installed a man door opposite the shipping container’s original set of double cargo doors, put a steel overlay over the original floor, gave the exterior a new coat of paint, and added a shelving system and a custom workbench. CTI also installed a full electric package—including lighting, electrical outlets, and a window AC unit.

10-conversion-6Shipping container modifications take the best qualities of the shipping container— durability, portability, and strength— and uses them for new applications. This shipping container conversion can now be placed anywhere the client needs it and be ready for use as a workshop in minutes. When the job ends or the client needs to move, it can be easily repositioned. The mobile shipping container workshop also closes up tight in seconds and the few access points to the container workshop’s contents are easily secured. If you would like to learn more about the specifics of this project visit this modification page.


At Container Technology Inc., we work with customers on a daily basis to find the perfect storage solution for their needs and budget. With over 75 years of combined experience in the storage industry, we can meet almost any need. In addition to modifying shipping containers with different flooring, door configurations, windows, ventilation, and lighting options we also sellshipping containers in sizes ranging from 10ft to 53ft. Contact us today at (877) 670-0229 to speak with one of our knowledgeable and friendly service representatives or get an online quote now.

Keep your Stuff Cold with our Portable Cold Storage Options

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20-Refrigerated-Container-Side-View-2Looking for cold storage options? We can help! Rent a walk-in cooler or freezer, refrigerated storage container, or a refrigerated trailer from our cold storage division Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc.

Portable Refrigeration Storage Inc. provides portable cold storage solutions to the Southeast and Midwest, find out if you are in their service area here.

At Container Technology, Inc. we pride ourselves on offering the very best in portable dry storage. We have shipping containers | storage containers available in lengths from 20 ft to 53 ft. We can also customize your container with a variety of different flooring, lighting, ventilation, window, electrical, and HVAC options.

Our pride in our products extends to the portable cold storage solutions available through Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc. Our customers use cold storage to meet a variety of needs. Refrigerated storage is widely used throughout a number of different industries and has numerous applications. Those in the food and beverage industry, meat processing industry, and even in the medical and pharmaceutical industry should take note.

Every refrigerated storage unit that we offer is strong, durable, and provides secure storage for your valuable inventory. Our units can be placed outdoors or inside a warehouse and offer ground level or dock level access.

Our entire rental fleet is powered by electricity, not diesel fuel. With 220V or 460V 3-phase power, our electric units save you money while maintaining any temperature you want. From below 0°F and up to 75°F (depending on the unit, product, and usage).

With over 75 years of combined experience in the portable storage industry, we know that every client has unique needs and that one size does NOT fit all. Learn more about the cold storage options available from Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc. below:


Walk-In-Cooler-Door-Side-View-2Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc. has 20ft portable walk-in coolers and portable walk-in freezers for all of your cold storage needs. Our walk-ins are the perfect solution if you need ground accessible cold storage space for your restaurant, grocery store, warehouse, or retail space. Every portable walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer is NSF® approved for food storage. Our walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers are 20ft L x 8ft W x 8 ft 6 in H with a lockable 4 ft wide walk in door on one end. Every one of our walk-ins comes standard with a plastic strip curtain behind the door, a diamond tread plate floor (with a 600 lb per/sq ft capacity), an emergency door release, an interior light, and a 50 ft power cord.

Simple and easy to use, our units have an exterior thermometer near the door and an exterior digital temperature display on the cooling unit. Using the digital push button controls, the temperature can easily be adjusted between 0 deg F and 40 deg F.

Our walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers require 220V single phase power (and a dedicated 30 amp circuit). Just provide the power on-site and you’re ready to go!


Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc. offers portable refrigerated storage containers in a 20 ft length and a 40 ft length.

20 FT Portable Refrigerated Storage Container

20-Refrigerated-Container-Side-ViewOur 20 ft portable refrigerated storage containers are the ideal balance of economy and efficiency. They provide an impressive 1,010 cu. ft. of storage while only taking up the space of one standard parking spot on-site. The flooring is durable aluminum T-rail construction capable of handling pallet jack and forklift traffic. Equipped with lockable double doors on one end, our 20′ refrigerated containers offer secure storage and allow for easy ground level access.

Our 20 ft refrigerated storage containers are suited for a variety of applications. They offer safe, secure, and easily accessible storage for your valuable products and other inventory. Our 20ft storage containers come fully insulated and are equipped with “all electric” Carrier™ cooling systems, allowing for your products to be stored at a specific temperature. Our 20′ refrigerated containers require either 230V or 460V 3-Phase power to operate efficiently and are equipped with a 50 ft power cord.

Delivery is easy! Our 20ft refrigerated containers are delivered on a small roll back truck and placed directly on the ground.

40 FT Portable Refrigerated Storage Container

40-Refrigerated-Container-On-Site-2If you are looking for ground accessible refrigerated storage on a large scale, then our 40 ft portable refrigerated storage containers are the answer. One 40 ft refrigerated storage container gives you more than twice the storage space of a 20 ft refrigerated storage container. Our 40ft refrigerated storage containers are ideal when you need to accommodate seasonal inventory or need extra warehouse space. No matter the purpose or location, our 40 ft refrigerated containers are the perfect solution for a multitude of applications.They are built to withstand the toughest environmental conditions and will keep your valuable inventory safe and sound. Like our 20 ft refrigerated storage containers, our 40 ft refrigerated containers come equipped with lockable double cargo doors and aluminum T-rail flooring capable of withstanding forklifts and pallet jacks.The “all electric” Carrier™ cooling systems allow you to select the exact temperature that you need to ensure the quality and stability of your products.


If loading dock accessible storage space is key, Portable Refrigerated Storage, Inc. has refrigerated storage trailers available in 20 ft, 40 ft, and 53 ft lengths.

They can be backed up directly to your loading dock door for easy loading and unloading of your product.

20FT Refrigerated Trailer

20-Trailer-Refrigerated-Trailer-ExteriorThey’re compact, but don’t underestimate what they can do for you. Our 20 ft refrigerated storage trailers provide up to 1,010 cubic square feet storage space, a max payload of 60, 370 lbs, and can hold up to 8 standard pallets (single stacked). So if you need additional storage space that is loading dock accessible and have limited space on site, a 20 ft refrigerated storage trailer from Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc. is the best choice.

Like our refrigerated storage containers, our refrigerated storage trailers are powered by electricity. Just provide a 230V or 460V 3-Phase power supply and you’re ready to go! Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc’s temperature controlled 20′ refrigerated trailers operate efficiently, are safer for the environment and kind to your wallet as well.

40FT Refrigerated Trailer

40-Refrigerated-TrailerDo you need to expand capacity at your warehouse or retail space but not ready to go through the expensive and time-consuming process of finding new commercial space? Rent a 40 ft refrigerated storage trailer from Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc.

Our 40 ft refrigerated trailers work hard for your money. Every 40 ft trailer provides up to 2, 832 cubic feet of storage space and can hold up to 18 standard pallets (single stacked).

Our 40 ft refrigerated trailers are outfitted with T-Rail aluminum floors that handle the heaviest forklift and pallet jack usage with ease. Back your refrigerated trailer right up to your loading dock door and load and unload your product without fear. Our trailers will keep your valuable inventory safe and secure with lockable double doors and an “all electric” Carrier cooling system. Choose the exact temperature that you need to ensure the life of your product and adjust it in seconds if need be.

53 FT Refrigerated Trailer

53-trailerNeed large-scale portable cold storage in a hurry? Our 53 ft refrigerated storage trailer is your solution! The largest refrigerated trailer that Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc. has available, these super-sized trailers have a 102” exterior width and are capable of holding up to 24 standard pallets (single stacked, side by side). Drive a forklift or pallet jack right from your warehouse into your refrigerated trailer.

The 53 ft refrigerated trailer has a roll-up door instead of cargo doors. The roll-up door allows you to back the 53 ft refrigerated trailer up to almost any dock door configuration.

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At Container Technology Inc., we work with customers on a daily basis to find the perfect storage solution for their needs and budget. With over 75 years of combined experience in the storage industry, we can meet almost any need. We can also modify your container with a number of different flooring, door, window, ventilation, and lighting options. Contact us today at (877) 670-0229 to speak with one of our knowledgeable and friendly service representatives or get an online quote now.

High Cube Containers! More Space for Less.

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At Container Technology Inc. we have a variety of shipping containers and storage containers for rent or purchase. Many customers choose a standard sized 20ft or 40ft shipping container but another option is a high cube or HC storage container.

High cube or HC storage containers are available for sale in 40 ft, 45 ft, and 53 ft lengths at Container Technology, Inc.

45'HC-Container A high cube or HC shipping container gets its name due to its extra foot of height. A standard shipping container is 8′ 6” high. In contrast, a high-cube shipping container is 9’6” high. When compared to a standard height storage container of the same length, a high cube or HC shipping container offers up to 15% more storage space.

All of our high cube or HC shipping containers are constructed out of 14-gauge corrugated steel panels, have lockable double doors on one end, are wind and watertight, and are equipped with 1 1/8” marine plywood flooring.

Like all shipping containers and storage containers, high cube shipping containers have a wide variety of applications and uses:


40'HC-ContainerHigh Cube storage containers are the perfect option for when you need extra storage but have limited space on-site. Think vertically instead of horizontally! That extra foot of height provides up with up to 15% of extra space when compared to a standard container. Like a standard shipping or storage container, high cube or HC containers provide ground access to your storage items in a secure, weatherproof, and durable shipping container. We will deliver your high cube or HC shipping container exactly where and when you want it. They are inherently portable and can be easily repositioned or even taken with you in the event of a move.

Container Modifications

40ft-high-cube-container-conversion-1-gHC or High cube containers are also a popular choice for those clients who want to modify shipping containers or storage containers for use as housing or for other commercial uses. The extra height means that the interior space of the container feels much more like the interior of a building built with more traditional means. The extra height is also important when considering adding ductwork or HVAC.

At Container Technology, Inc. we have a combined experience of over 75 years in the container business and we will work with you side by side to find the very best solution for you. Give us a call if you have any questions at (877) 670-0229 or get an online quote right now.

4 Amazing Art Spaces made out of Shipping Containers

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The art world has long been on the forefront of innovation and design. It’s only natural that artists would recognize the unique merits and potential of using shipping containers as building materials.

Looking to open an art space or are you an artist searching for a unique and exciting way to showcase your art? Consider these four amazing art spaces made out of shipping containers.

Nomadic Museum Santa Monica, CA

1368991_index_nmuseum The flexibility and efficiency of using shipping containers is on full display at this traveling museum. Designed expressly to travel the world, the Nomadic Museum takes full advantage of shipping container’s inherent durability and mobility. The Nomadic Museum also showcases the design and aesthetic potential involved in using shipping containers as a building material.

Architectural Review

Miniature Traveling Movie Theaters USA Network’s Character Project

Character-Project-Container Character-Project-Container-Interior-224x300 These miniature traveling movie theaters seat up to eighteen people and are fully air-conditioned. Created for a collaboration between directors Ridley and Tony Scott and the USA Network, these repurposed shipping containers allow art to be easily accessible to the public. This creative idea is not only limited to art installations but could easily be adapted for day to day use. Ever wanted your own private movie theater? Please contact us to discuss modifying a shipping container for your own needs


Hot Box Pop-Up Art Gallery Phoenix, AZ

hotbox_post The Hot Box Pop-Up Art Gallery is a collection of three 20-ft shipping containers used as pop-up gallery space. Artists are invited to create and show their work on a monthly basis. The blank canvas of the shipping container allows artists to create immersive experiences unlike any other.

The gallery also highlights how shipping containers are an effective and cost efficient way to create workspaces.

Downtown Devil

GAD mobile art gallery Norway

GAD-mmw-architects-11 GAD mobile art gallery in Norway is perhaps the ultimate example of how shipping containers can be repurposed and modified to create a functional and beautiful art space.

Made out of ten shipping containers, the GAD art gallery has multiple stories, a roof-top terrace, and central courtyard. It is designed to be mobile and can be disassembled and transported to whatever location it’s owners choose.


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