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“Blowin’ In The Wind” In a Shipping Container

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Ford has always promoted creativity and encouraged employees to imagine and develop innovative solutions. Ford has just introduced a mobile wind tunnel made out of shipping containers.“This project was born from a desire to be the best when it comes to controlling and limiting the cabin noise customers are so sensitive to,” Bill Gulker, Ford wind noise core supervisor, said in a statement. “Our new mobile wind tunnel saves our engineer’s time and increases productivity. It’s a fine example of the innovation mindset we’re trying to incorporate into everything we do.” These wind tunnels are vital to grasping the intricate details of aerodynamics. Airflow can affect everything from the fuel economy to cabin noise. Cutting down the cabin noise will enhance the customer’s driving experience and lead to greater customer satisfaction all around.

Creating a wind tunnel allows engineers to analyze every little detail and cuts down the testing cycles from weeks to hours. Despite their incredible usefulness, wind tunnels can be quite large and very expensive. Finding a way to create a mobile wind tunnel made out of shipping containers is both cost effective and very useful in identifying problems early on. The mobility of the containers allows the cars to be yanked from the assembly line and tested on-site.

Ford has hopes that this mobile solution will shorten the amount of time necessary to find the problems and implement fixes. Ford’s main wind tunnel is the size of an office building and costs to build it was $50 million. The mobile wind tunnel is constructed of two 53 foot long shipping containers and can be moved anywhere. Two six-foot-diameter fans powered by 250-horsepower electric motors can generate winds of up to 80 mph. The two containers are held together side by side on a flat area of the pavement. Another 40-foot container houses an office, power distribution, and controls. The whole entire assembly can be easily taken down in a day and then put back together at a whole new site in as little as six hours.

At Container Technology, Inc. our staff has over 75 years combined experience in the storage container industry. For more information about standard ISO containers or general container modifications please give us a call at (877) 670-0229 or fill out an online quote form.

Storing Memorabilia and Collectibles in Shipping Containers

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downloadDo you have a passion for collecting things but do not have the space to store them? We are a collecting culture. Collecting toys, comic books, vintage books, and vinyl has become a very big business. Many industries are centered around buying, selling, and storing collectibles. Toys especially have become a highly collected item. Where do you put all these items if you don’t have the room to store them? These collections can take over homes and office spaces if they are not properly stored and organized. A shipping container would be the perfect storage solution. Storing collectibles in extreme conditions like a hot attic or damp basement could cause permanent damage or even ruin your items. A shipping container can also be a good place to keep things organized, so you can access your valuables easier.

Instead of dealing withshelving-system2 the hassle of transporting all your memorabilia and collectibles to a storage unit, why not just store everything at your home or business? Storage containers are delivered straight to your door.  They can be conveniently loaded on your own schedule. You also have easy access to your items that will not require a trip to the storage facility. Container Technology has a variety of options and sizes to accommodate your memorabilia and collectibles. We can even insulate your container and install HVAC.  Maintaining the temperature of the unit will protect your collectibles from extreme conditions. We can also install shelving to help keep things organized and easy to find.

40'HC-ContainerStoring memorabilia and collectibles is a vital part of preserving them and keeping them in perfect condition. The value of these items is dependent on the condition. The essential part of storing collectibles is keeping them in their original packaging. It is important that toys are not stored in direct sunlight because they will fade or become discolored. Extreme humidity will cause plastic toys to warp and break. Wrapping the items in bubble wrap or newspaper will add an extra protective layer and protect them from damage. Collectibles can be considered a long term investment.  A shipping container can help you protect your investment.   

Let Container Technology help you find the best storage solution for your memorabilia or collectibles, so they can be preserved for generations to come. Give us a call today at (877) 670-0229 or fill out a quick quote form

How Do You Make Shipping Containers?

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20' Container

Shipping containers are everywhere now; they are being used as restaurants, shops, and even homes! With the abundance of shipping container architecture, it is easy to forget where the shipping container originates from and its purpose. Today, shipping containers are the backbone of modern trade. We know that shipping containers come in various sizes and shapes, but how exactly are they made? We live in a world where most things today are built using some sort of automated machine. However, this is not true for shipping containers. Shipping containers are built in enormous factories in China by construction specialists in full safety gear who use heavy duty machinery to weld, cut, rivet and join the pieces together. Sparks fly everywhere as the container moves down the production line. Here are the steps to build a shipping container:

Step 1: Creating Wall Panels

Shipping containers begin their life as a giant roll of steel. The steel is unrolled and cut into pre-measured sheets. The wall panels are cut down from the large steel sheets into smaller sheets and a metal stamping process is used to create the desired form. The sheets are then sandblasted and corrugated. The corrugation, which gives the walls their wave-like texture, adds strength to the container. Next, the smaller panels are laid out and welded together to create the full-sized wall panel. Finally, square tubing is welded onto the top and bottom of the wall. This tubing allows the walls to be welded to the floors and roof of the container.

Step 2: Construction of the Undercarriage

Now it’s time to assemble the undercarriage, or the frame that will hold up the container flooring. The floor frame is mostly made up of I-beams. Two longer I-beams are laid out perpendicularly running the length of the container. Smaller I-beams are welded in between these longer beams to create a raft-like base. When the welding is done, the floor frame is sanded to be certain that there are no rough joints.

Step 3: Assembly

All the individual wall panels, roof panels, and floor braces are completed separately prior to being combined together. Square tubing is welded to the top of the wall along with the corner frame, floor frame, and corner post assemblies. When the major components are assembled, a jig is used to help make sure they are straight and flush fitting. Doors are installed onto the floor frame first, then wall panels, and finally the roof panels are fitted and installed into place.

Step 4: Painting and Priming

Next, the container is brought to the painting area. The first layer of paint applied is a primer. The primer is a preparatory coating used to secure the additional layers and to help the paint better adhere to the container. This additional layer also helps protect the container. After the primer is completely dried, the container is sprayed with paint several times. These layers of paint help to secure the container against the harsh elements of traveling by sea, such as salt and water.


Step 5: Flooring

After the painting process is complete, it is time to install the flooring. The floor of the container consists of marine plywood panels. Before the panels are placed in the container, a protective coating is applied to ensure that bugs and other pests are not present in the wood. After the protective coating dries, the panels are positioned on top of the floor frame and screwed down into the steel floor beams.

Step 6: Decals, Identification, and Doors

The container is now ready to be adorned with the shipping line’s logo and/or any advertisements. The decals are similar to stickers, which have an adhesive backing. The container is labeled with an identification code that is unique to each container. The first three letters on the container identifies the owner of the container, the fourth character identifies the product group code, the fifth to tenth characters make up a serial number that is assigned by the owner of the container. The final character is known as a “check digit” and it is used to verify the previous 10 characters.

After being labeled, the hardware can be installed. The doors handles and locking mechanism are fitted and a rubber gasket is wrapped around the doors to make sure they are watertight. Each container is tested thoroughly for water tightness, holes, or leaks.

Now that you know a little bit more about the process it takes to create a container, are you impressed? Even more impressive is the cost of a container. Give Container Technology Inc. a call at (877) 670-0229 or fill out an online quote form. Container Technology has knowledgeable sales reps that help you pick the right container for your specific needs and budget.

Shipping Containers: Craft Beer Business

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Craft beer is popular right now and the trend seems to growing and expanding. What exactly is craft beer? The Brewers Association, the trade industry group for craft beer, defines craft breweries as ones that are “small, independent and traditional.” Coors light and Bud Light are not cutting it any more, beer lovers are looking for new and unique tastes. People want more flavors in their beer such as IPAs, seasonal beers, porters, and stouts. Lets face it, craft beer simply taste better. People have a choice now, a variation in flavors and styles of beer. Just like people evolve so does the beer industry. People are turning to local breweries for more quality beer rather than an expensive marketing campaign. Crafts brewer put their heart and soul into the process of making the beer and make sure not to cut any corners. Drinking beer is a great time to socialize and trying new craft beers is an experience. Similar to wine tasting, people want to explore the smells, tastes, and consistency, turning people into beer connoisseurs. There is a place in San Diego called Barrel Republic, where they promote the idea of “freedom to pour.” Barrel Republic offers 60-tap self-serve system, designed by iPourIt, includes 48 rotating handles of craft beer, with four handicap-accessible taps.

When Carolyn Cobb opened Big Dog Growlers in Bend, Oregon, she pursued the idea of creating a kegerator out of a shipping container. She turned a shipping container into a mobile, 29-tap kegerator. Cobb did not want to be tied down to leasing a space because usually businesses consider the cooler as a part of their space. By creating a kegerator out of a shipping container, she has the freedom and flexibility to control the future of her business. Instead Cobb’s equity is in her shipping container and she can take it wherever she goes.

With the growing trend, comes new and innovative ways to not only serve beer but to make beer as well. Craft brewers are continuing to experiment with unique new beers and beer styles. With the mobility and flexibility, shipping containers are the perfect place to serve and brew great beer. In London, one man constructed his own microbrewery out of two 40’ shipping containers. A tap room was set up that serves beer straight out of the 1,000-liter condition tanks. The low cost of shipping containers helps with the overall cost of starting a new venture and helps with rapidly expanding the business. With a rolling lease, by using shipping containers, you have the ability to take your brewery and plot on a new piece of land.

Advantages of Microbreweries in a Shipping Container:

  • Mobility
  • Expandability
  • Fast and cheap production
  • Independence from a specific location- Brew in various locations in the different times of year.
  • Flexibility
  • Space-saving
  • Compact

Photo: Shipped

Lagunitas Brewing Company out of  Petaluma, CA  is using re-purposed shipping containers to create a energy saving wastewater treatment facility. Lagunitas is known for having, bold, hoppy, and delectable beers. However, since California has been dealing with a water shortage crisis, it is the time to find innovative alternatives for water management and sustainability goals. Lagunitas has teamed up with Cambrian Innovation to create the world’s first bio-electrically enhanced wastewater treatment system.  According to the Matthew Silver, CEO of Cambrian Innovation, “Beverage companies across the country are rightfully concerned about rising energy and water costs. Yet, wastewater itself contains energy. The Cambrian EcoVolt system uses recent advances in biotechnology to capture this energy, turning waste-water from a hassle to a revenue source.” With the popularity of craft beer continuing to grow rapidly, there is the reoccurring issue of how to handle wastewater cropped up. This new system will cut operating costs, monetize their system, and with helping to increase plant sustainability. According to Lagunitas CFO Leon Sharyon, those traditional systems looked like industrial power plants, but the EcoVolt ships self-contained, literally, in a shipping container. Its smallness is huge on so many levels.” Especially since any energy created that Lagunitas does not use can be put back on the grid for Petaluma.



Photo: Shipped

“Developed with assistance from the National Science Foundation, EcoVolt uses electrogenic organisms to generate clean energy from wastewater. These recently discovered organisms convert wastewater pollutants into electricity, which is subsequently funneled to a circuit and back into an electrode where a different set of microorganisms convert electricity and carbon dioxide into methane fuel—forming a complete treatment process. The methane can be used on-site for clean power and heat production.” – Source: Cambrian Innovation

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At Container Technology, Inc. our staff has over 75 years combined experience in the storage container industry. For more information about standard ISO containers or general container modifications please give us a call at (877) 670-0229 or fill out an online quote form.

Customizing a Shipping Container

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Always wanted to have a little extra space? Using shipping containers to create that extra space is the perfect way to achieve that dream. Shipping containers come in various sizes and are easy to customize. Extra space applications could include offices, guest houses, music studios, workshops, sheds, or craft rooms. By customizing your shipping container, you can create the perfect extra space solution.


Shelving in your shipping container is a great way to stay organized and keep your shipping container clutter free. Container Technology Inc. can equip your container with shelving prior to delivery. We can help configure your shelving to meet your storage needs and requirements. The shelves hang from the interior “D” rings of the container and no interior and exterior modifications are needed. The shelves are fully adjustable and can easily be removed


Overhead-Lights(1)CTI can install lights, outlets, and data/phone lines in your container. You also have the option of adding exterior lighting, including porch lights, flood lights, etc. Receptacles are standard 110V and come with either two or four outlets. They can be flush mounted or exposed on the surface of the wall paneling. Overhead lighting is one of our most popular modifications. The lights are 2-bulb florescent fixtures. Multiple switches can be installed to control the lights from various locations inside your container. LED lighting is a great option if you are in a remote location and do not have access to power on-site. The LED lights can be hooked up to a small battery to provide power and illuminate the interior of your container.

Windows and Skylights

Windows and skylights p3'x3'-Window-with-Security-Barsrovide an inexpensive way to bring natural lighting into your container. Our most popular windows is a 2ft x 3ft double paned window with a screen. We can also add security bars to a window for additional security. Skylights are a great option for those who desire natural lighting but are also concerned with security. They let the light in but do not reveal any of the container’s contents to anyone on ground level.



Paint and Decals40-conversion-a1

We can paint your shipping container any color you wish! Maybe you want to paint your container to represent your brand or match it to your building or maybe you want to camouflage your container with trees and shrubbery. Your wish is our command! All we need to know is your color of choice and we will make it happen. If you order a custom decal, we can add that anywhere on your container as well.


Vinyl-Floor-CoveringFloors in shipping containers are typically treated with chemicals to prevent corrosion and insect infestation. Depending on how you plan to use the container, you may consider replacing the flooring. Steel overlay flooring is one of our most popular floor modifications. Vinyl flooring is a great option if you are looking for something durable and easy to clean. Vinyl flooring also offers a wide-range of choices in textures, colors, and thickness.

The Rhino Liner™ is a coating typically found in the bed liner of cargo vehicles and trucks. This is an excellent option for waterproofing or seating the floor your container. It performs very well in extreme cold and hot climates and will not warp, crack, peel, or split.

Rhino-Liner                     Steel-Overlay-Main-Thumbnail

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Let Container Technology Inc. help your dream of extra space become a reality. Call us toll-free today at (877) 670-0229 to speak with a knowledgeable sales rep or fill out a quick quote form. We want to work with you to find the right storage solution!

Using Shipping Containers to Store and Ship Cars

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Are you cramped on space and looking for a storage solution? Is your garage full and need extra space to store your car? Maybe your garage just isn’t cutting it anymore? Shipping container garages are a great affordable alternative because of their size and their resistant steel shell. They are a perfect permanent car storage solution because it is much cheaper to purchase a container than paying for a car storage facility for several years. The steel containers provide protection against theft and vandalism. They are wind and watertight and will protect your car from unpredictable weather conditions. Shipping containers usually have a lock box to secure your car or possessions and can be modified to better suit your needs. Shipping containers are a versatile, affordable, and durable alternative to a traditional garage.

Since shipping containers are mobile and easy to install, they can be used as a long-term solution or as a temporary fix. Shipping container can be modified to include roll-up side doors, electrical wiring, insulation, flooring, ventilation, windows, shelving, etc. Take a look at Container Tech’s modification page to learn more! The doors on the container can be modified to make it more convenient for your storage needs. Let Container Technology, Inc help design your dream garage out of a shipping container, the sky’s the limit.Photo Jan 13, 2 54 57 PM


Affordable- Costs less than building a garage.

Movable- Can easily be moved from one location to another.

Easy to install- After you have your container delivered, it is ready for immediate use.

Easy to use and maintain– Once the container is set in place, add a moveable ramp and you can easily drive in and out. Check and address any rust issues to ensure that your container will last for many years.

Security- Container garage can be placed in your own yard, no remote location.


Container Size-  A 20 ft shipping container is about the size of one parking space. The space inside a 20 ft container is almost 8 ft wide and 8 ft tall with a length of about 19’ and can hold one car.  The space inside a 40 ft shipping container is about 7’8” wide and 7’8” tall with a length of about 40’ and can hold two cars. A 45 ft high cube container is perfect for storing oversized cars because they are taller and give you extra height.

Container Condition–  A used container will cost less especially if aesthetics are not an issue. Used containers will exhibit signs of wear and tear, but that might not be a problem if you are into that rustic look. A new container will will cost more but will last longer in the long run.

Transporting a Car In a Shipping Container

  • Photo Jan 13, 2 37 47 PMBuild a barrier of some sort with plywood or timber to keep it contained and separated from other items. This process of embarkation is vital when shipping a vehicle in a container.
  • Drain all the fuel from the car and disconnect the battery and alarm system.
  • Wheels must be blocked from the front, back, and sides with wooden blocks or wheel chocks. The wheels need to be strapped securely with ratchet straps and then fit the straps to all the wheels by using the heavy lashing points located on the bottom of the container walls.

Photo Jan 13, 2 40 07 PM

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Our sales representatives here at Container Technology, Inc understand that each project is unique with specific needs, and we’ll take the time to work with you to deliver the containers that suit those needs best. Call us toll-free at (877) 670-0229 or fill out a quick quote form to get started today.

Industry Legend: Rick Nuckols

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Rick Nuckols

When a customer needs something you don’t offer, you can send them down the road. Or, you can find a way to fill the need. Rick Nuckols got started in the portable storage industry by choosing option number two.

“Right after I left the Coast Guard, I was in the construction industry,” he says. “I was working in the field as an ironworker, and also as an estimator. And somebody came into the facility and wanted some containers repaired and stored. So, I put together a small company to do that.”

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