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Keep your Stuff Cold with our Portable Cold Storage Options

By November 18th, 2015 About Containers 3 Comments

20-Refrigerated-Container-Side-View-2Looking for cold storage options? We can help! Rent a walk-in cooler or freezer, refrigerated storage container, or a refrigerated trailer from our cold storage division Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc.

Portable Refrigeration Storage Inc. provides portable cold storage solutions to the Southeast and Midwest, find out if you are in their service area here.

At Container Technology, Inc. we pride ourselves on offering the very best in portable dry storage. We have shipping containers | storage containers available in lengths from 20 ft to 53 ft. We can also customize your container with a variety of different flooring, lighting, ventilation, window, electrical, and HVAC options.

Our pride in our products extends to the portable cold storage solutions available through Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc. Our customers use cold storage to meet a variety of needs. Refrigerated storage is widely used throughout a number of different industries and has numerous applications. Those in the food and beverage industry, meat processing industry, and even in the medical and pharmaceutical industry should take note.

Every refrigerated storage unit that we offer is strong, durable, and provides secure storage for your valuable inventory. Our units can be placed outdoors or inside a warehouse and offer ground level or dock level access.

Our entire rental fleet is powered by electricity, not diesel fuel. With 220V or 460V 3-phase power, our electric units save you money while maintaining any temperature you want. From below 0°F and up to 75°F (depending on the unit, product, and usage).

With over 75 years of combined experience in the portable storage industry, we know that every client has unique needs and that one size does NOT fit all. Learn more about the cold storage options available from Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc. below:


Walk-In-Cooler-Door-Side-View-2Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc. has 20ft portable walk-in coolers and portable walk-in freezers for all of your cold storage needs. Our walk-ins are the perfect solution if you need ground accessible cold storage space for your restaurant, grocery store, warehouse, or retail space. Every portable walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer is NSF® approved for food storage. Our walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers are 20ft L x 8ft W x 8 ft 6 in H with a lockable 4 ft wide walk in door on one end. Every one of our walk-ins comes standard with a plastic strip curtain behind the door, a diamond tread plate floor (with a 600 lb per/sq ft capacity), an emergency door release, an interior light, and a 50 ft power cord.

Simple and easy to use, our units have an exterior thermometer near the door and an exterior digital temperature display on the cooling unit. Using the digital push button controls, the temperature can easily be adjusted between 0 deg F and 40 deg F.

Our walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers require 220V single phase power (and a dedicated 30 amp circuit). Just provide the power on-site and you’re ready to go!


Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc. offers portable refrigerated storage containers in a 20 ft length and a 40 ft length.

20 FT Portable Refrigerated Storage Container

20-Refrigerated-Container-Side-ViewOur 20 ft portable refrigerated storage containers are the ideal balance of economy and efficiency. They provide an impressive 1,010 cu. ft. of storage while only taking up the space of one standard parking spot on-site. The flooring is durable aluminum T-rail construction capable of handling pallet jack and forklift traffic. Equipped with lockable double doors on one end, our 20′ refrigerated containers offer secure storage and allow for easy ground level access.

Our 20 ft refrigerated storage containers are suited for a variety of applications. They offer safe, secure, and easily accessible storage for your valuable products and other inventory. Our 20ft storage containers come fully insulated and are equipped with “all electric” Carrier™ cooling systems, allowing for your products to be stored at a specific temperature. Our 20′ refrigerated containers require either 230V or 460V 3-Phase power to operate efficiently and are equipped with a 50 ft power cord.

Delivery is easy! Our 20ft refrigerated containers are delivered on a small roll back truck and placed directly on the ground.

40 FT Portable Refrigerated Storage Container

40-Refrigerated-Container-On-Site-2If you are looking for ground accessible refrigerated storage on a large scale, then our 40 ft portable refrigerated storage containers are the answer. One 40 ft refrigerated storage container gives you more than twice the storage space of a 20 ft refrigerated storage container. Our 40ft refrigerated storage containers are ideal when you need to accommodate seasonal inventory or need extra warehouse space. No matter the purpose or location, our 40 ft refrigerated containers are the perfect solution for a multitude of applications.They are built to withstand the toughest environmental conditions and will keep your valuable inventory safe and sound. Like our 20 ft refrigerated storage containers, our 40 ft refrigerated containers come equipped with lockable double cargo doors and aluminum T-rail flooring capable of withstanding forklifts and pallet jacks.The “all electric” Carrier™ cooling systems allow you to select the exact temperature that you need to ensure the quality and stability of your products.


If loading dock accessible storage space is key, Portable Refrigerated Storage, Inc. has refrigerated storage trailers available in 20 ft, 40 ft, and 53 ft lengths.

They can be backed up directly to your loading dock door for easy loading and unloading of your product.

20FT Refrigerated Trailer

20-Trailer-Refrigerated-Trailer-ExteriorThey’re compact, but don’t underestimate what they can do for you. Our 20 ft refrigerated storage trailers provide up to 1,010 cubic square feet storage space, a max payload of 60, 370 lbs, and can hold up to 8 standard pallets (single stacked). So if you need additional storage space that is loading dock accessible and have limited space on site, a 20 ft refrigerated storage trailer from Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc. is the best choice.

Like our refrigerated storage containers, our refrigerated storage trailers are powered by electricity. Just provide a 230V or 460V 3-Phase power supply and you’re ready to go! Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc’s temperature controlled 20′ refrigerated trailers operate efficiently, are safer for the environment and kind to your wallet as well.

40FT Refrigerated Trailer

40-Refrigerated-TrailerDo you need to expand capacity at your warehouse or retail space but not ready to go through the expensive and time-consuming process of finding new commercial space? Rent a 40 ft refrigerated storage trailer from Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc.

Our 40 ft refrigerated trailers work hard for your money. Every 40 ft trailer provides up to 2, 832 cubic feet of storage space and can hold up to 18 standard pallets (single stacked).

Our 40 ft refrigerated trailers are outfitted with T-Rail aluminum floors that handle the heaviest forklift and pallet jack usage with ease. Back your refrigerated trailer right up to your loading dock door and load and unload your product without fear. Our trailers will keep your valuable inventory safe and secure with lockable double doors and an “all electric” Carrier cooling system. Choose the exact temperature that you need to ensure the life of your product and adjust it in seconds if need be.

53 FT Refrigerated Trailer

53-trailerNeed large-scale portable cold storage in a hurry? Our 53 ft refrigerated storage trailer is your solution! The largest refrigerated trailer that Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc. has available, these super-sized trailers have a 102” exterior width and are capable of holding up to 24 standard pallets (single stacked, side by side). Drive a forklift or pallet jack right from your warehouse into your refrigerated trailer.

The 53 ft refrigerated trailer has a roll-up door instead of cargo doors. The roll-up door allows you to back the 53 ft refrigerated trailer up to almost any dock door configuration.

Contact Us

At Container Technology Inc., we work with customers on a daily basis to find the perfect storage solution for their needs and budget. With over 75 years of combined experience in the storage industry, we can meet almost any need. We can also modify your container with a number of different flooring, door, window, ventilation, and lighting options. Contact us today at (877) 670-0229 to speak with one of our knowledgeable and friendly service representatives or get an online quote now.

High Cube Containers! More Space for Less.

By September 22nd, 2015 About Containers No Comments

At Container Technology Inc. we have a variety of shipping containers and storage containers for rent or purchase. Many customers choose a standard sized 20ft or 40ft shipping container but another option is a high cube or HC storage container.

High cube or HC storage containers are available for sale in 40 ft, 45 ft, and 53 ft lengths at Container Technology, Inc.

45'HC-Container A high cube or HC shipping container gets its name due to its extra foot of height. A standard shipping container is 8′ 6” high. In contrast, a high-cube shipping container is 9’6” high. When compared to a standard height storage container of the same length, a high cube or HC shipping container offers up to 15% more storage space.

All of our high cube or HC shipping containers are constructed out of 14-gauge corrugated steel panels, have lockable double doors on one end, are wind and watertight, and are equipped with 1 1/8” marine plywood flooring.

Like all shipping containers and storage containers, high cube shipping containers have a wide variety of applications and uses:


40'HC-ContainerHigh Cube storage containers are the perfect option for when you need extra storage but have limited space on-site. Think vertically instead of horizontally! That extra foot of height provides up with up to 15% of extra space when compared to a standard container. Like a standard shipping or storage container, high cube or HC containers provide ground access to your storage items in a secure, weatherproof, and durable shipping container. We will deliver your high cube or HC shipping container exactly where and when you want it. They are inherently portable and can be easily repositioned or even taken with you in the event of a move.

Container Modifications

40ft-high-cube-container-conversion-1-gHC or High cube containers are also a popular choice for those clients who want to modify shipping containers or storage containers for use as housing or for other commercial uses. The extra height means that the interior space of the container feels much more like the interior of a building built with more traditional means. The extra height is also important when considering adding ductwork or HVAC.

At Container Technology, Inc. we have a combined experience of over 75 years in the container business and we will work with you side by side to find the very best solution for you. Give us a call if you have any questions at (877) 670-0229 or get an online quote right now.

Custom Flooring Options for Shipping Containers

By May 15th, 2015 About Containers No Comments

Depending on your container modification needs, it may be advantageous to customize your container’s flooring. At Container Technology, Inc. we offer several options in the way of flooring. They are a steel overlay, vinyl flooring, or a floor coating.

Standard Flooring images

Standard flooring in an ISO shipping container is 1-1/8” thick marine grade plywood. Specially treated to hold up to the rigors of the shipping process; these floors are strong, stable, and water resistant but may not be suitable for all applications.

Steel Overlay Steel-Overlay-Small-Thumb-2

A typical steel floor is comprised of 1/8” or 1/4” thick steel plates that are laid over the top of the pre-existing plywood floor. The steel sheeting is continuously welded at the edges and seams. This floor is a great option for any applications where a reinforced floor is needed, such as when storing or using heavy machinery. A steel overlay flooring is extremely durable, waterproof, and easy to clean but may not be the best choice for those on a tight budget.

Vinyl Floor Covering Vinyl-Floor-Covering

A vinyl floor covering is comprised of a single sheet of vinyl that is rolled out and glued to the container floor. Vinyl flooring is durable, easy to clean, and oil & water resistant. Vinyl flooring is available in a variety of different colors, thicknesses, and textures. It is ideal for use in a variety of different applications and is particularly popular because of its durability and ease of customization. However, vinyl flooring can be damaged by extreme temperatures and is more susceptible to dents and gouges than other flooring options.

Floor Coating Spray-On-Bedliner

This polyurethane or polyurea coating is a spray-on bedliner.  It is often used as a coating on truck beds or cargo vehicles. This floor coating has many of the same advantages as vinyl flooring as it is non-skid, easy to clean, available in a variety of thicknesses, and oil resistant. Unlike vinyl flooring however; it is designed to resist extreme temperatures, is completely waterproof, and is not susceptible to the warping or peeling that can be associated with vinyl flooring.

Any of these methods are an effective way to customize your shipping or storage container. Contact us today to discuss your options and figure out which flooring option is right for you. For more modified storage container ideas visit the storage container modification section of our website.

New One Trip vs. Used Containers: Which is Right?

By April 7th, 2015 About Containers 1 Comment

Congratulations! You’ve done the research and decided that a shipping container is the best option for your on-site storage. But now you need to decide whether a new one trip container or a used container is right for you.

In choosing whether to purchase or lease a new one trip container or a used container it is important to consider your shipping container needs.

New One Trip Containers

20ft-one-trip-container-web New one trip containers are ideal for those who are looking for the highest level of quality, durability, and aesthetics. New one trip containers are usually less than a year old, used only once when shipped from their overseas manufacturer. In pristine condition, new one trip containers are never exposed to the rigors of a marine environment or container depot. They are a solid one color with no shipping logos or signs of wear and are equipped with a factory lock box.

New one trip containers are the best choice for those wishing to modify a shipping container for use as residence or office. We offer a wide variety of container modifications and can convert a container to your specifications.

New one trip containers are also ideal if ensuring the condition of the container’s contents is a concern. The excellent condition of a new one trip containers ensures that important items such as medical supplies, electrical equipment, or even your prized possessions will remain in pristine condition.

Used Containers

20ft-cargo-worthy-container2 Used containers are ideal for those who are less concerned with aesthetics and are looking to bridge the gap between function and cost. Built to last, used shipping containers will last for years to come. Used containers are typically 8-12 years old and are sourced from international shipping services. Reflecting the rigors of the shipping process; used containers vary in color and often have shipping logos, superficial dents and scratches, and rust from the exposed steel of the container oxidizing. A popular option for those looking to extend the both the life and the aesthetic appeal of their container are refurbished containers.

Used containers are the best choice for those who are looking for effective storage solutions or other nonresidential uses. Some examples include file and record storage, boat and recreational vehicle storage, and construction storage. We also offer modifications for used containers to meet your unique storage needs.

Whether you have decided to purchase or lease your shipping container, let us help you with finding your perfect container. For more information give us a call at 877-670-0229 or fill out an online quote request form.

Why Storage Containers Are Essential to Small Business Owners

By July 31st, 2014 About Containers 3 Comments

If you own your own business, you know the great relief of making your business decisions for yourself. Why not enjoy this type of control over the structure you work out of? Having a mobile office means you can move your business anywhere—and at any time. Consider working out of a shipping container to make your business completely portable, without sacrificing safety and security.48'-Container

Even if you are not interested in movability, shipping containers provide top-notch on-site storage isolated from the rest of your business. When working with Container Technology, Inc, you have the option of renting or buying your container, providing a fantastic source of temporary storage during a remodel or relocation.

Small business owners everywhere are discovering the benefits of working out of shipping containers, due to their sturdy, weather-resilient storage abilities. Read on to find out the ways in which shipping containers help small business owners.

As Reliable, Mobile Storage

Few structures possess both mobility and the ability to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. The shipping container, however, is such a structure. It can be transported anywhere on land by truck, as well as overseas via cargo ship. This means that if relocation is in your near future, you can be ready.

No matter the size or form of your business the storage container serves as on-site storage. Even if you have no plans to move your business, on-site storage can be much more convenient than stuffing excess inventory or supplies into a closet or basement. Shipping containers can be modified to maximize their accessibility and convenience.

In one form or another, storage is the most popular use of shipping containers aside from shipping cargo—and for good reason, as even the roughest weather conditions cannot penetrate its steel walls.

As a Workspace

From pop-up shops to temporary attention-grabbing exhibits, many small business owners are realizing the advantages of selling or working inside of shipping containers.

For those in retail, shipping containers are often just as functional as static buildings, provide additional benefits, and draw customers in with their eye-catching eco-friendliness. First of all: it’s something different. The structure itself makes the shipping container stand out; people are conditioned to seeing these containers in shipping yards or ocean ports. They can’t just walk by a shipping container that has been converted into a shop, because it’s not something you see every day.

Turning a shipping container into a shop means recycling a structure that might just sit forever in a shipping yard, unused. Letting your principles of sustainability stand out even in your structure is something that customers and potential customers will notice.

To get a quote on a shipping container for your small business today, call Container Technology, Inc now at (877) 670-0229 or get a quote here.

Have you considered Double Door One Trip Containers?

By December 5th, 2013 About Containers 13 Comments


Typical shipping containers come with a double cargo door on one end of the container.  This door opens in two sections allowing the entire interior end of the container to be accessed.  In the used ISO shipping container world, the only option available is containers with cargo doors on one end (unless you have additional aftermarket doors installed).  New containers or “one trip” containers (as they are often called) are built in the container factories and shipped to the United States with cargo (only one time).  They are considered one trip containers because they are only used once and not utilized for international shipping service.

Double door one trip containers are built under the same ISO specifications as a standard shipping container.  However, they have two sets of double cargo doors on both ends as opposed to double doors on one end only.  Both sets of cargo doors have the same locking assembly and weather tight door seals that keep your items safe, secure and protected from the elements.

The Advantages

Access ­- Double door one trip containers are simply more accessible.  With openings on both ends, you can access more items with ease (creating a more flexible and efficient storage solution).   You won’t have to worry about how you load your items into the container as you can access your items from both ends.  It will prevent you from having to unload and reload the container to access the items you stored in the back. Since you have double doors on both ends, there is no back and no front to the container.  The back of the storage container becomes the front and the front of the storage container becomes the back!

Condition –  A one trip container is new (other than being used one time).  You get a virtually blemish free storage container with a fresh coat of paint on the interior and exterior.  A one trip shipping container does not have any surface rust and very rarely has any dents or dings.  The floor of a one trip cargo container does not have the years of wear and tear that is consistent with that of a used shipping container floor.  You also have the luxury of a lock box on the doors of a one trip container.  Most used shipping containers do not come equipped with a lock box on the doors.  New or one trip containers come standard with lock boxes on the cargo doors. When it comes to condition, a new or one trip container is hard to beat versus a 10­15 year old used shipping container.

Cost ­- We have many clients that come to us with customization needs.  We often get requests to have a used container painted, have a roll up door or personnel door added and have a lock box installed on the cargo doors.  We have found that in some cases it can be more cost effective to purchase a one trip double door container as opposed to modify a used container to suit your needs.

So the next time you are thinking about buying a container for storage, consider the possibility of going with a one trip double door storage container.  Contact us today for a quote!

Installing Additional Doors in a Shipping Container

By October 29th, 2013 About Containers 2 Comments


Shipping containers or storage containers are an excellent option for additional on-site storage. They will keep your goods dry, secure, and can be conveniently located at your site. Storage containers come standard with lockable double swing doors at one end of the container. The double doors open the width of the container and therefore make it easy to load. However once the container is loaded, it may be inconvenient or difficult to access your goods stored inside. Customizing your shipping container with an aftermarket entry door would make accessing your possessions easier and getting into your container more convenient.

The most common and most requested aftermarket entry door is the 3ft industrial personnel door. The industrial personnel door is a solid panel steel door that is constructed of 16 gauge steel and has honeycomb interior. It has a handle, deadbolt lock, and overhead drip ledge. **For additional security, our security swing arm can be added to the 3ft industrial personnel door**

A much lighter duty personnel door is the 3ft wide residential door. The residential door is a six panel 3ft wooden door with a metal skin. This door also has a handle, deadbolt lock, and an overhead drip ledge. The 3ft residential doors are lighter duty than the 3ft solid panel steel door but are more cost effective and offer the same convenience.

The second most common aftermarket entry door is our standard mini storage type roll up door. These doors are cost effective and provide a larger opening in the container for loading/unloading and storage of larger items like tractors, lawnmowers, ATV’s, large furniture, etc. The mini storage roll up door is a 26 gauge galvanized steel ribbed door with a sliding locking clasp. They are available in 15 different colors. Should you decide to paint your container, we can match the exterior paint color to the roll up door. The roll up doors come in sizes ranging from 4ft wide up to 15ft wide and can be installed in a standard height container or a high cube container.

We also offer a heavy duty roll up door which offers high security and a very attractive appearance to any container. The heavy duty roll up door is a spring loaded door constructed of double-walled lightweight anodized aluminum slats (with weather seals between each slat) and a lockable stainless steel lift bar. These doors come in a variety of colors and are available in 4ft to 8ft widths.

Do you like the double doors on the end of the container? We can add an aftermarket set of double swing doors at the opposite end or somewhere on the side of your container. The additional container doors are a great option for a second entry point as they are very secure and provide a fairly large opening (almost 8ft wide). The additional door options described in this article are our most popular. You can view these doors options on our website (by clicking on the links throughout the article). We also have the ability to add custom doors if the options above do not meet your requirements. Please feel free to contact us with questions about additional entry doors in your storage container or container modifications in general.

Refurbished Containers: The New Trend

By July 11th, 2013 About Containers 10 Comments

refurbished containers


In general containers are built to last the test of time. However, when used container come out of international shipping service, they are typically between 10-15 years old. As expected, the containers have dents, dings, surface rust and can use a little TLC. Refurbishing or reconditioning a container can add years to the life of a container. It can also give a used container a substantial aesthetic upgrade from a typical watertight unit which typically comes labeled by the shipping line.

What makes a Used Container, Refurbished?

Refurbishing a container simply means taking a used container and sprucing it up! We take a used container with dents and scratches from prior use and apply a fresh coat of paint to the exterior. The exterior is prepped, primed (if necessary) and then the coat of paint is applied. We typically use marine grade industrial enamel from Sherwin Williams™. If necessary we will make minor repairs to the container as well (patching holes or replacing floor board). A Refurbished Container is guaranteed to last and is completely durable for all types of use. Although still considered an ISO shipping container once refurbished it is now considered a modified storage container.

The Advantages of Refurbished Containers:

More Economical

The economical value of Refurbished Containers is most likely a more logical solution than deciding to go with a completely new container. However, you should first decide what container would suit your needs better depending on how you plan to utilize the container. We can help you through this process.

More Affordable

Considering these containers have been used, they would naturally be sold at a cheaper price already. The cost of refurbishing a used container could be as little as $575 (plus the cost of the container). It would also depend on the size of the container and whether you chose a lighter pigmented paint color. Typically white or tan would require a base primer and would be a bit more expensive. However, if you chose a darker paint color (gray, green, blue, etc.) the container would not need a base primer. Even after the refurbishment, the cost would still be cheaper than a new container altogether. This is what makes the method of Refurbishing Containers a more affordable one.

“RRR” – Reducing, Reusing and Recycling

Refurbished Containers are obviously reused containers. The refurbishment process essentially recycles a shipping container. Repurposing a used container increases the life of the storage container, saving the need to produce a new container.

Still Guaranteed to Last

Our containers are built to last through the toughest conditions, including heavy seas and extreme weather. Though these used containers may have already been through it all, it doesn’t mean they can’t go through it again and again. Our Refurbished Containers are still durable enough to withstand these harsh settings.

20’ Cold Storage Units – Portable Walk-Ins, Refrigerated Containers & Refrigerated Trailers

By May 23rd, 2013 About Containers, Cold Storage 12 Comments

20ft Cold Storage PRS offers three 20’ options for additional on-site cold storage. All of our cold storage units are electric and can be utilized as additional on-site freezers or coolers. They are environmentally friendly and more cost-effective than their diesel-powered counterparts.


20’ Walk-In Cooler

Our 20’ walk-ins are a great cold storage option for food distributors, restaurateurs or just about anyone that needs additional cold storage on-site. The walk-ins are portable and delivered directly to your location on a tilt bed trailer. They sit on the ground and will fit into a standard parking space. They are capable of maintaining temperatures between 0˚F and 40˚F. Our walk-ins are NSF approved for food storage, allowing for the proper cold storage environment for most perishable food items. They come standard with a lockable 4’+ walk-in door, interior light, diamond tread plate floor and digital temperature display. They require a 220V single phase power source and are equipped with a 50 ft power cord.


20’ Refrigerated Container

Our 20’ refrigerated containers also sit directly on the ground and will fit into a standard parking space. The 20’ refrigerated containers are able to maintain a much wider temperature range than the 20’ walk-ins. They are capable of going below 0˚F and up to 75˚F. Because of their temperature versatility, the refrigerated containers allow for a much broader range of temperature controlled storage. They are equipped with lockable double doors on one end. The door opening is 7’6”W (90”). The larger door opening gives you the option to store palletized products. They have a cargo capacity capable of handling up to 8 standard pallets (single stacked, side by side). The t-rail floor system is able to withstand pallet jack and forklift traffic. They require 230V or 460V 3-phase power and are equipped with a 50 ft power cord.


20’ Refrigerated Trailer

The 20’ refrigerated trailers are basically a 20’ refrigerated container (but on wheels). The trailers can be backed up directly to your loading dock. The refrigerated trailers are an excellent option for customers that require loading/unloading of palletized products with a fork lift or pallet jack. Since the trailers are at dock level, the pallets can be driven straight from the warehouse floor into the trailer. The cargo capacity of our 20’ refrigerated trailers is the same as our 20’ refrigerated containers. They also have the same electrical requirements.

20’ cold storage units are perfect for any small business in need of additional cold storage on-site. They are also a great option for cold storage if you have space restrictions as well. Our cold storage units give you the flexibility to store your temperature sensitive items at ground level or on wheels at your loading dock. Whether your cold storage requirement is short term or long term, PRS has service areas across the Southeast to help you “Keep Your Stuff Cold”!

20′ Storage Containers

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Generally speaking, the 20’ shipping container is manufactured to carry cargo overseas and through intermodal transport. Once its shipping life has run its course, 20’ storage containers have a multitude of diverse uses for re-purposing that can be advantageous in ways most people wouldn’t even think about.

Common Uses 

20′ Portable Storage:  The primary intended use for 20’ Shipping Containers is for portable on-site storage. 20’ Storage Containers are watertight and extremely secure giving end users peace of mind when storing their goods. This can range from residential personal on-site storage to on-base military storage and countless uses in between.

20′ Construction Site Offices: Construction companies have used 20’ storage containers for jobsite offices all over the world for many years. The security and ability to pick up the office container and transport with ease is something that is very appealing to the construction industry.

20′ Training Facilities: Due to the strength of 20’ Storage Containers, Fire Departments and all branches of the military use these ISO units for training in their specific lines of work.

20′ Building units: Some might not consider it a common use, but as the trend of creative uses for shipping Containers continues, many more people are looking at these units as building blocks or architectural components in structures.

The Advantage 

The primary advantage of the 20’ Storage Container is its strength. The dimensions of the container are 20 ft long, 8 ft wide and 8 ft 6 in tall.  They are what have long been known as the strongest modular structure in the world. It’s this very fact that gives the end user multiple ways to reuse Steel Cargo Containers.

Container Technology has other sizes available as well from 10ft custom containers to 53ft storage containers.  For more information give us a call at 877-670-0229 or fill out an online quote request form


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