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Inside One of the World’s Largest Container Ships

By February 23rd, 2021 About Containers No Comments

Welcome aboard the Marie Maersk…A massive cargo container ship and one of the biggest moving objects ever built. Shipping container vessels carry 90% of all global trade.  If you’ve ever purchased anything, it’s likely to have been shipped in a container via one of these massive ships.  Fully loaded, this enormous craft can hold 18,000 shipping containers. If placed end to end, they would stretch into space. Quarter of a mile long, this cargo shipping container can hold 200,000 tons of cargo. This is achieved by stacking containers in columns, 23 across the width and 24 across the ship’s length. Because there is no deck, cargo containers can be stacked 21 high. To survive the turbulent seas, a torsion box serves as a reinforced rim that stops the ship from flexing. On the Marie Maersk, the torsion box is so big, walking corridors are built within it.

British television personality and co-host of the popular car show Top Gear, Richard Hammond goes behind-the-scenes of the largest structures and machines in the world. In this episode of Discovery’s Big!, viewers go inside the monstrosity of Marie Maersk and learn about the structure of the vessel.

Since 1996 Maersk (based in Denmark) has been the largest container vessel operator in the world.  The Marie Maersk is a member of the “Triple E” class of container ships.  The Marie Maersk was designed with 3 “E” principles: economy of scale, energy efficient and environmentally improved. In 2014, this ship set a world record by carrying 17,603 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) between Europe and Asia. The Marie Maersk was once the largest ship in the world, but has since been surpassed by even larger container ships.

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