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Demand for Shipping Containers Skyrockets Due to Covid

By January 29th, 2021 About Containers No Comments

Like many industries, the shipping business has been rocked by the coronavirus. Shipping containers carry goods to all parts of the world, making them crucial to the global supply chain.  The ever-increasing demand has made it incredibly difficult for manufacturers to keep up the supply.

Since last summer, the coronavirus created an unprecedented demand for delivery by sea. The global science and health communities scrambled for additional supplies and equipment. As the largest shipping container producer in the world, China delivered 2.6 million 20ft containers last year. In a race to meet the sudden spike in demand, more than 70% of those were produced in the second half of 2020.

As Chinese container manufacturers struggle to meet the demand for storage containers, freight rates to the United States and Europe have hit record highs.  In some cases, they’ve jumped as much as 200% higher than rates in 2019 for 40ft containers. However, since this may be a short term surge in demand, many manufactures are choosing not to produce more. 

Also, the biggest problem may not be the amount of containers in circulation. The global effects of the pandemic on different regions, have created an imbalance in the distribution between markets. While exporters in Asia are looking for any available containers to transport goods, the ports in the United States struggle with a lack of workforce.  In turn, this delays the return of empty containers. The result is a worldwide shortage of one trip containers

As production and shipping costs have increased abroad, the same can be said for pricing and availability to end users domestically (here in the US).  The shortage and lack of production for future supply, will continue to create challenges for the industry as a whole.  

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