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Custom Flooring Options for Shipping Containers

By May 15th, 2015 About Containers No Comments

Depending on your container modification needs, it may be advantageous to customize your container’s flooring. At Container Technology, Inc. we offer several options in the way of flooring. They are a steel overlay, vinyl flooring, or a floor coating.

Standard Flooring images

Standard flooring in an ISO shipping container is 1-1/8” thick marine grade plywood. Specially treated to hold up to the rigors of the shipping process; these floors are strong, stable, and water resistant but may not be suitable for all applications.

Steel Overlay Steel-Overlay-Small-Thumb-2

A typical steel floor is comprised of 1/8” or 1/4” thick steel plates that are laid over the top of the pre-existing plywood floor. The steel sheeting is continuously welded at the edges and seams. This floor is a great option for any applications where a reinforced floor is needed, such as when storing or using heavy machinery. A steel overlay flooring is extremely durable, waterproof, and easy to clean but may not be the best choice for those on a tight budget.

Vinyl Floor Covering Vinyl-Floor-Covering

A vinyl floor covering is comprised of a single sheet of vinyl that is rolled out and glued to the container floor. Vinyl flooring is durable, easy to clean, and oil & water resistant. Vinyl flooring is available in a variety of different colors, thicknesses, and textures. It is ideal for use in a variety of different applications and is particularly popular because of its durability and ease of customization. However, vinyl flooring can be damaged by extreme temperatures and is more susceptible to dents and gouges than other flooring options.

Floor Coating Spray-On-Bedliner

This polyurethane or polyurea coating is a spray-on bedliner.  It is often used as a coating on truck beds or cargo vehicles. This floor coating has many of the same advantages as vinyl flooring as it is non-skid, easy to clean, available in a variety of thicknesses, and oil resistant. Unlike vinyl flooring however; it is designed to resist extreme temperatures, is completely waterproof, and is not susceptible to the warping or peeling that can be associated with vinyl flooring.

Any of these methods are an effective way to customize your shipping or storage container. Contact us today to discuss your options and figure out which flooring option is right for you. For more modified storage container ideas visit the storage container modification section of our website.

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